Leo farewell star of Asia 2 and Gigi sing "Wishing"

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Leo farewell star of Asia and Gigi sing << 2 >> Wish

On Friday night (May 20, Anhui TV hit idol star of Asia to develop the program << >> second quarter ushered in the season's final evaluation, the program ushered in the perfect ending. As the mentor program, one of the 'ancient sir' Leo appeared in the finals, with the students one by one farewell.

<< >> Asian star of the second quarter of the perfect ending farewell Leo star of participants

<< >> As a star of Asian teacher in the second quarter, Leo has been in the program a 'ancient sir' reputation, normally supervise students in training, rehearsal, always a 'strict teacher' look appears at any time took his students to record large iPad rehearsal, the rest is constantly look for the students corrected the error, find the right feeling, but in the program, the Leo and immediately turned to 'warm male big brother', very take care of the students, private students often make dinner, help students resolve emotional. month, on the eve of Mother's Day, Leo also specially trained to accompany students together, is the embodiment of 'spiritual mentor' to help ease the mood of students, called history of the most heart-warming mentor.

In the game on Saturday night, one opening, Leo and students together for the first time on stage to sing the star of Asia << >> the theme song for the second quarter. Sir dressed in ancient tidal range of children's fashion baseball uniform dress, also wear sunglasses, cool better, after the show Leo is sincerely expressed, students progress very large, really wanted to invite them to come to his concerts. his remark to sell presenters and the audience are the amazing, Leo is very popular warm heart, invite students to their student concert is a very big encouragement, said the ancient sir severe, in fact, Leo is more hope that their student talent now invited participants actually made their tour, is indeed warm male mentors, students are for the sake of one mind.

Leo often because weekdays and students to interact, but we forged a profound friendship, and in the last one before the end of the evaluation, students are very sad ancient sir, but several participants could not bear to say goodbye to tears, to see this scene, always emotional Leo also very touched, can not help but lap dog eat dog. in the end of the program group photo session, people's minds 'ancient sir' Leo is no more to rack and students sat on the floor together, and youthful look student is no different in the broadcast process, with Leo's deep feelings for students, trainees who have been caring so that everyone is very touching.

Gigi join hands to sing classic

In the final evaluation, the program group also invited to the Leo longtime friend, to serve as program guests goddess Gigi. Gigi appeared have led cheers, Leo is playfully joked that she and Gigi 'tall.' Speaking of Leo and Gigi friendship dates back to 1999, when the two had had a chorus song << >> vow, this song a launch would hit the street, become duet of classic love songs. and in the same day the strong request of the audience, the two on-site interpretation of this witness their friendship songs, the music sounded applause scene will continue, always funny ancient sir is mischievous to the scene to change the lyrics, showing the moment two of the atmosphere ignite.

<< >> Asian star of the second quarter have been successfully concluded, Leo as a mentor in a program for everyone to leave a very deep impression. The star of Asia participated << >> For Leo is a very special terms experience.

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Traditional Chinese: 古巨基告別星動亞洲2 與梁詠琪再唱《許願》

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