Good sister affectionately looking cover "Xinyu" Yang Yuying second box with smaller fans

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Good looking cover affectionate sister << >> Xinyu Yang Yuying second smaller box with a fan

On Saturday, Hunan Satellite TV's new Q2 quarter large variety referendum interactive music I want to sing << >> three Chinese pop music recognized as a 'high tone' singer Aska Yang, Huang Qishan, small Shenyang 'folk sound male' hormone human Hey fans sing the same stage of the heat has not yet subsided, the audience would like to think, this Saturday, 'Han Han's musical ladder' has invited Yang Yuying, good sister band, Leo three large coffee as I wanted to sing guests attended << >> and you want to sing 'love songs lie.' in addition to their prime who fans the same stage chorus, good sister still << >> I want to sing you to record the scene seconds smaller fans, affectionate look, with box cover goddess yangyuying << >> Xinyu, can be had enough of the fans addiction.

Want the audience are thinking, Yang Yuying joined << >> I want to sing 'love songs lie '

Following last Saturday launched a 'high tone' as the theme of the musical ladder, I want to think of the audience, on Saturday, Hunan Satellite TV Q2 quarter Large National Music Interactive Arts << >> I want to sing and elaborate 'the Love Song lie', invited Yang Yuying, good sister band, three groups of Chinese pop music Leo recognized 'King of Love Song' to sing as guests.

As a recognized Chinese music days after sweet song, Lady faction head, Yang Yuying since his debut, with its gentle facial appearance, clean and free of impurities good voice sweet and sweet song for the major media favorite. << Gently tell your >>, << >> and other songs Xinyu is being widely sung, become a classic love songs sector. fanbase is across all ages. this is the << >> I want you to sing live recording to reflect deeply.

Second smaller fan, good sister-frame Xinyu Yang Yuying cover << >>

According to informed sources, the official who received the prime Yang Yuying chorus with the video frame which is not only very old man, and toddler, and more well-known artists - good sister band also sign up through nine channels upload own idols Yang Yuying chorus with box << >> Xinyu videos good sister fresh soulful ballad style harmonies, accompanied by Yang Yuying sweet ethereal voice, interpretation of Xinyu >> << do not have a flavor. thus, in the recording site Su person chorus video once open, good sister band concert immediately attracted the attention of the audience. Amazingly, in addition to video and goddess Yang Yuying same frame, a good sister, the band is 'Han Han music songs lie' this invitation think sing one of the guests. to see their idol standing beside the candidate of the good sister band 'little fans' excitement, not only in their own shyness between various video and interactive Taking a goddess Yang Yuying, and goddess of the election in prime time screenwriters who also recommended careful they think fit.

Harvested in the Chinese music has become quite good sister band become lost brother, Yang Yuying in prime among fans who will have what the color of the 'folk sound male' debut << >> I want to sing on the stage it? More more exciting content on this Saturday night 22:00 Hunan Satellite TV << >> I want to sing! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 好妹妹深情對望翻唱《心雨》 同框楊鈺瑩秒變小粉絲

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