Pirelli brand Lynx official flagship store officially launched

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Pirelli brand Lynx official flagship store officially launched

May 19, 2015, from Italy's high-end tire maker Pirelli announced the grand stationed Lynx, formally involved in e-commerce. Pirelli Pirelli Lynx official flagship store Pirelli in China's only official brand online flagship store, is this creative Italian companies in the Chinese market once again pioneering attempt. the Pirelli will be the first to bring the brand's flagship product landed Lynx, adapted to include ultra high-end models of the tire model, as it is one of the representatives of the newly in the Asia-Pacific region listing of the new P Zero, using the most advanced technology combined with close cooperation with the vehicle brand, once again confirms the tailored strategy Pirelli. consumers can search online models and adapted according to the tire size and type of tire tread for details on the technical characteristics of the tire products. in addition, in recent years, much attention of Chinese consumers Pirelli motorcycle tire products will also be simultaneously open online sales.

Pirelli Pirelli brand Lynx official flagship store will be a professional online service for consumers FAQ. Consumers simply easy online ordering, product delivery can enjoy the convenience of services. As Chief Commercial Officer of the Pirelli Asia Pacific Casaluci said on-line Pirelli Pirelli Lynx official flagship store is important in China's business strategy part of Pirelli. this is a great branding platform, not only for the majority of Chinese consumers with the option to purchase online, but also become an information display window, let everyone know more about Pirelli products, and thus more willing to walk into Pirelli throughout China more than 3,000 stores, select Pirelli tires for their car. in addition to high-quality products and professional and friendly customer service, Pirelli will aim to create a comprehensive online brand marketing center. Pirelli tires from Italy, founded in 1872, is now one of the world's largest tire manufacturer, the product has long been the world's leading automobile manufacturers recognized worldwide get 2200 Original item certification, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini brands such as a public company in the cultural, artistic, sporting events all have a considerable investment in the broad participation of 150 worldwide remainder car race, is now the official F1 tire supplier, and invite world-renowned photographer and representation of women in the era of shoot Pirelli calendar, 53 calendar has become a major event in the art collection industry, have come together to join Inter Milan twenty years to build the most long-term cooperative relationship between the brand and the football club. the new Pirelli Pirelli brand Lynx official flagship store through vivid graphics and video data, showing the rich connotation of the brand, the future will also carry out a wealth of interactive activities, so that the majority of consumer who feel close to the pulse of the wonderful Pirelli.

In addition, Pirelli also set up the tires for consumers auditorium area, to help you easily read the tire identification, understanding the tire during use frequently asked questions, well prepared to travel safely.

Immediately login Pirelli Pirelli brand Lynx official flagship store, select the perfect partner for your car, turn on the high-end driving experience.

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Traditional Chinese: 倍耐力天貓官方品牌旗艦店正式上線

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