2016 Buick BIP technology experience traffic intelligence battalion camp

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May 20, 2016 Today, in the country's leading integrated R & D testing base - SAIC-GM Guangde proving ground, 'safety' as the theme of the 2016 Buick BIP technology experience traffic Camp Wisdom opened the curtain of the present times. activities through link-rich, rigorous testing conditions of experience, combined with professional engineering and technical personnel to explain, so that the participants not only to secure the quality of Buick products have personal experience, but also on the development of the Buick brand from the forward-looking security concept, careful rigorous test certification process, to the wisdom of advanced technology in the field of security, with a full range of in-depth understanding.

In the development of more than a century, the 'safe' Buick has always been the most important product of the gene. Based on General Motors leading the pace in the security field, Buick has become the world's first use of crash test development, steel body, energy-absorbing steering column one of the standard three-point seat belts brand, but also the industry's first Buick with four-wheel brake, turn signal and other configurations, leading the development of the industry in the Chinese market, high standards of active and passive safety Buick product performance and reliable quality to provide users with a 360-degree safety care, won a good reputation of consumers. and all this, thanks to the security concept rooted in the brand's genes and to give users 'full', 'the whole process of' security protection development strategy.

Mature system for the high standard of product safety solid cornerstone

Product safety begins with the development of Buick products around the 'comprehensive, balanced and optimized sound' core elements, each of the major global markets using the above regulations and NCAP (new car crash test requirements of architectural design, and through the sensor configuration, the body structure safety and restraint systems integration, integrated development of the Trinity. full application development process is also a variety of quality tools, quality control of the whole process.

On this basis, first-class hardware facilities of the strong support of the development of product safety 2006-- 2009 built one after another pan-Asian vehicle safety test chamber comprises a 'vehicle crash test facility', 'car crash test facility', and 'sub system security Laboratory ', etc. these laboratories comprehensive feature set, capable of covering the security the United States, Europe and other major markets worldwide crash tests, are responsible for safety testing of GM's global division of labor. Pan vehicle safety as well as country's leading laboratories built Guangde test track, making SAIC GM vehicle safety development capabilities to increase substantially the same time, by covering the high-speed crash safety, low-speed calibration, complete the test matrix pedestrian protection and other fields to ensure the development of vehicles to meet global customers' security needs .

Buick new generation of products using BFI integrated body structure design, the targeted area and the impact energy absorption transmission path design, so that the vehicle is capable of impact after impact absorption layer decomposition, to ensure passenger safety. At the same time, Buick is also rising, 'new materials, new processes, new technologies,' the universal application, including the application of ultra high strength steel, laser brazing, aluminum craft like. proportion of high-strength steels such as Ang Kewei body uses up to 75% in which important parts of the a-pillar, B pillar, roof rails, driver foot guard such as the use of high strength steel thermoforming, more than four times that of ordinary steel highest intensity.

In addition, new products in the market, and must be completed by vehicle certification tests based on the 'product development process,' vehicle certification test is a durability test is an integrated test basis, including the durability of the whole road environment test, test winter, summer test and corrosion test before product launch vehicle will undergo at least four stages over two years of vehicle road durability test, the global cumulative test equivalent mileage of at least 5 million kilometers or more. It is so high standards and strict requirements to ensure that the Buick product can provide continuous security protection.

Leading smart technology to create a new security realm

Years ago, when ESP / ESC driving stability system, TCS traction control system or a high-end configuration features such as most brands, Buick has achieved a wide range of products in its popularity, with a rich range of active safety features in the segment establish a benchmark. with the rapid development of smart technology, Buick prospective user needs to synchronize global security intelligence technology has become a new trend in automotive safety leader, and lay the foundation for future autopilot.

To a whole new generation LaCrosse, Ang Kewei and RONNIE family Buick, represented a new generation of security technology wisdom, brought together ACC adaptive cruise control, PD pedestrian detection / protection, HBA intelligent high beam control, LKA lane keeping, SBZA side blind zone alert , FDI from the vehicle in front prompted former FCA collision warning, CMB collision mitigation, APA automatic parking and many other cutting-edge smart technology, which involves intelligent sensors, data fusion, and system control and integration, and many other cutting-edge technologies.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation of Buick products using advanced multi-sensor data fusion algorithm, the millimeter-wave long-range radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to detect different data fusion, and then calculated and analyzed, do a vehicle motion control commands, such as braking, accelerating, steering wheel back to the positive control, etc. fusion algorithm effectively improve the accuracy of target identification systems, reliability and timeliness, but also the future autopilot basis.

In the new generation LaCrosse for example, the new design of the electrical architecture consists of eight buses and 27 ECU electronic control unit, greatly improves the efficiency of vehicle operation processing large data exchange to support megapixels front camera and a new generation of long-distance radar data fusion to ensure the realization of active safety functions, such as the unique identification of PD pedestrian protection can be identified on stationary or moving pavement pedestrians and alert dashboard, when the driver does not react, 'foresee' danger to intervene and brake automatically when the vehicle stops. another example is ACC adaptive cruise function, it can be based on the driver settings automatically adjust the speed to keep up with the vehicle in front of the interval, even automatic, continuous deceleration to the vehicle completely stop.

In addition, SAIC GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center customer-centric, based on technical specifications, but also establish a comprehensive verification system, boosting intelligence security system development Buick wisdom security system also provides users with security is guaranteed at the same time comfortable driving experience, the need for performance tuning for the Chinese driver's habits, needs a lot of 'real' data as a reference. development department selected 38 representative cities, covering high speed, suburban, urban, etc. driving the status of data collection, the data model for subsequent simulation test, large-scale road test to provide a solid support.

Through this experience activities, it is the outstanding performance of the Buick safety and rigorous development and testing process demanding a deeper level of understanding, truly feel the Buick product safety to the user's real value. It is worth mentioning that the wisdom of the Buick brand security technology not only demonstrates the potential future development of smart cars and vision, but also confirms the Buick brand is committed to integrate GM's global technology, relentless for consumers to create a more intelligent, secure new driving experience .

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Traditional Chinese: 2016別克 BIP智慧行車科技體驗營開營

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