Lhasa riparian wetland will create a world-class plans to invest about 12.6 billion yuan

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In response to 'promote the depth of integration of culture and tourism in Lhasa, Lhasa River landscape with focus on building a number of new tourism project brand,' the call made by the Lhasa municipal government to promote Lhasa 'East West extension of spreading across the south,' the pace, the Department of Industrial Co., Ltd. Tibet Lhasa Henan in both north and south, to the west of Lhasa River Bridge Bridge Liuwu 7-kilometer create a set of tourism, culture and the arts, entertainment, dining and other functions into one health 'Lhasa riparian wetlands tourism ecological central Park project. '

It is understood that Lhasa riparian tourism Wetland Ecological Central Park is expected in September officially entered the substantive stage of implementation, through two years of construction, to build a world-class riparian wetlands Central Amusement Park. The project is located in Lhasa Henan both north and south, with a total land area of 124 hectares The total construction area of 1.67 million square meters, of which the Eastern project land area of 86 hectares, the construction area of 1.16 million square meters, the Western project land area of 38 hectares, the construction area of 510,000 square meters.

Project location set to eat in one shopping trip to play

The Department of Industrial Co., Ltd. Tibet Lhasa River by digging deep space, made from ecological, cultural, environmental protection and other point of view, the idea to build the city's central park and modern sightseeing agriculture, but by its size, resources, cultural characteristics , transportation, participation and other elements to make a comparative analysis reveals: Lhasa River and central Park Sightseeing agriculture to create three-dimensional, with most cities compared to more people pay attention to reflect the public interest.

The Department of Industrial Co., Ltd., chairman of Tibet's river one thousand Chung said that the project focused on creating modern sightseeing agriculture and agricultural science and technology direction, both to promote the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, to solve some of the problems of agricultural development, but also can provide a lot of employment opportunities for rural surplus labor force to solve the employment problem, but also to promote the development of rural education, health, transportation, changing the rural landscape, in order to solve China's 'three rural issues' to provide new ideas.

'World-renowned Central Park reflect several common characteristics, a common urban public leisure garden, a tourist favorite tourist destination, the city renowned business cards, an important city of the drawing room.' Jiang further one thousand Bell introduced Road, Lhasa riparian wetland eco-tourism in central Park will satisfy all of the above features.

Jiang one thousand Bell said Park sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, office, dining, shopping equal to one, the original country and the world unique riparian wetlands perspective ecological Central Park and sightseeing agricultural complex, a city of Lhasa, the sun of the bright pearl.

Project layout become Lhasa new city card

Lhasa riparian wetland eco-tourism project in Central Park will actively implement << >> Lhasa City Master Plan for Area Orientation, round butt Old Town District and transportation hub, into the city overall function, strengthen environmental protection, tourism, hospitality, business services to enhance the artistic and cultural quality, as Lhasa citizens Recreation preferred shopping to become tourists to Lhasa first stop and last stop, become Lhasa new city card, world-class wetland ecological central Park and the rich Lhasa characteristics of cultural tourism and leisure business Complex.

Jiang Zhong Jieshao one thousand, the project to develop innovative products and highlights that take domestic original air Water Street, at the bottom of the overhead, raising the overall construction to the air, the water in the wetland, water cycle, cedar, spruce, evergreen trees and into which , vision. All buildings take three-dimensional green top addition to the necessary lighting, the full realization of green vegetation cover, layers of falling water, trail followed, from whatever point of views of central Park is a wetland ecological form of three-dimensional rendering.

One thousand Zhong Jiang said the project is China's first to riparian wetland eco-tourism in the form of Central Park to create a three-dimensional ecological building system. Secondly, the project was the first in Lhasa of Folk performers based National Cultural Arts Plaza.

Progress of the project entered the construction phase is expected in September

'The project is expected in September formally entered a substantive stage of construction, planned after two years to complete construction.' One thousand Jiang Zhong Jieshao Road, the eastern section of the project will be led by the layout of the eastern section of the south bank of wetland ecological landscape leisure complex, spa ecology park and other products, highlighting the ecological and cultural tourism and leisure holidays combined with the eastern section of the north shore of the South Island fairy foot, kite Square Business Eco style show. middle layout South Bank commercial complex ecological, ethnic and cultural arts plaza, cultural and creative synthesis, and other products , prominent cultural and commercial, the middle of the North Shore Sun Island wetland ecological sky south style experience pub culture, the western part of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway Monument located near the green land, the North Shore is an extension of eco-commercial complex, to ensure ecological harmony, based on the promotion regional commercial quality, promote economic development Jinzhu Road, Jiangsu Road, national Road and other surrounding areas, the western part of the South Bank is the air under cover wetland ecological retreat desktop architecture around the world of ice and snow, which addresses Lhasa winter Recreation lack of resources, Lhasa has become a new hot spot for entertainment.

It is understood that the project plans a total investment of construction funds about 126 billion when completed, will greatly enrich the tourism industry market and product structure Lhasa and the Tibet region. The project will in one fell swoop to build a world-class wetland ecological Central Park theme of cultural tourism and leisure commercial complex, and became the benchmark for eco-tourism brand, Tibet tourism market after the jewel completion of the project, expected long-term annual tourists more than 8 million people, will provide more than 10,000 direct jobs, with annual revenues of over 5 billion yuan.

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Traditional Chinese: 拉薩將打造世界級濱河濕地公園 計劃投資約126億元

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