Liupanshui efforts to create a national tourist resort

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May 20, Liupanshui City Mayor Zhou Rong rate department heads to Meihua Mountain Scenic research to learn about the resort building.

Meihua International Holiday Park project design department of 'painting - plum' in the title, the road branches, flowers for the group, including the congress resort courses, 46 7 new groups, extraordinary and special theme holiday cottages, cabanas, revolving restaurant, landscape corridors, tree house and other facilities of high-end resort park, the project will become a 'summer, leisure, vacation, viewing,' as one of the functional groups.

Zhou Rong walking to see in Meihua International Holiday Park project construction site, while listening to report side asked for more information about the planning and construction projects.

Planning Rongdui Mei Zhou Huashan International Holiday Park fully affirmed. He stressed the need to fine construction, improve the quality and content of scenic spots, and enhance scenic attraction. To strengthen parking area, emergency rescue, fire and other security infrastructure building, skills training services to strengthen and improve the overall quality and level of service of staff, enhance the scenic overall service capacity and level of effort to build a holiday park Meihua international Liupanshui first national tourist resort.

Zhou Rong requirements, to strive for national and world-class resorts Meihua Mountain Horticultural Exposition held to improve brand influence scenic. To create fully understand the significance of national tourist resort, determined to create a national tourist resort.

Subsequently, the field view Meihua Zhou Rong Hui style garden settlements and Meihua International Ski building. Zhou Rong stressed the need to resolve issues such as the relocation of the masses skills training, and guide them to change their ideas and participate in the development of tourism in the past, to Meihuashan full use of advantages to develop traditional Chinese medicine industry, to increase people's income, to lead the masses to get rich. Meihua international ski to highlight the 'snow fairy' as the theme, and constantly enrich the development of tourism-related products, and strive to enhance the scenic quality to attract more more tourists.

Liupanshui city government Secretary-General Luo Xiang capital, Zhongshan District People's Government, Eco Tourism Commission, the Municipal Planning Bureau, accompanied by responsible comrades research. (Liupanshui Daily Chen Chidong Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 六盤水市努力打造國家級旅遊度假區

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