China's auto production and sales in 35 million is the upper limit

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2015 China's auto production and sales of more than 24.5 million, from the market 'ceiling' there is much room for growth? Recently vice president of Automotive Engineering of Wuhan University Zhang, Fang participate in the China International Intelligent Manufacturing Development Seminar cars proposed in sales will be about 35 million ceiling, China's auto industry has completed the final round of capacity expansion layout, as market competition to accelerate the development of the inflection point is approaching.

Chinese people in the end be able to buy a lot of cars, which is the industry in recent years, scholars predict judged a hot topic. Zhang Fang are based on thousands of car ownership levels and scrapped update rate. At present, China has thousands of cars 120, US 800, UK 571, Japan 595, South Korea 372, 2010 World

The average level of 157.

'China does not rule out the central part of the city's thousands of car ownership can reach the European level, but taking into account China's national conditions, especially population distribution and utilization of Land, the overall level of ownership can not catch up with the United States, South Korea closer to more realistic.' Zhang Fang estimates current car ownership in China more than 170 million, according to the holdings of about 300 thousand calculation, Chinese car ownership limits and vertices is 4-5

One hundred million.

'After reaching the limit, and then sold annually car is scrapped update alternative.' He combined with the current United States replacement rate of 6% -7%, estimates the Chinese steam

Annual sales limit of 35 million vehicles.

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Traditional Chinese: 中國汽車年產銷3500萬輛是上限

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