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Country: China

Director: Forrest Gump

Starring: Peter Ho / Lee Dong school / summer Zitong / Yang Qiming / Tahara / Hz sub-Ming / Song Ning / Wang to / Tianyuan Huang

Genre: Drama / Action

Duration: 94 minutes

Release date: May 20, 2016


Brother Wang Bingsheng (Peter Ho ornaments, brother Tie Gold (Dong learn ornaments, they had had each other, through thick and thin brothers even Gege Bing born brother iron gold scapegoat imprisonment for 10 years, covered with scars and cynicism is the stigma of the decade , but it is the same affection between brothers. Unexpectedly, in a twist of fate, the two separated in the midst of the tumult of the world, took a different path in life ......

When the meet again, once the brothers have trouble irreconcilable. Faith and Family Reunion conflict, so the old brothers become enemies of life and death, and finally launched a life and death battle ......


Pa knife president gorgeous transformation incarnation of 'abnormal' tough guy hot lead

Peter Ho plays brother Wang Bingsheng faded idol traces sparse stubble, without modification inch head, and his face a more than 10 cm scar, are clear to his overbearing gorgeous transformation from president to Jagged tough guy. In addition, volatile, tears laughing face Peter Ho also added an neurotic 'abnormal' flavor.

In the film, Peter Ho subversion in the past because of the gorgeous hot image caused widespread audience, and hit the face of its shape and the character has become the focus of users of discussion. Recently, armed with machetes by Peter Ho, hit the face covered with scar and other elements < <heroes Union >> the 'King of Man', cause the majority of users concerned. in the special edition, Peter Ho Dong at school piercing scream ghastly appearance, sit on the sidelines, he is exposed from time to time to enjoy the look, the 'abnormal' to the bone the killer feature of the game compared to the 'head harvester' can be described as not much.

Dong Science: Meng Meng little rough Han contrast fine points of interpretation

In the film, Dong learn the debut of stay Meng version Tie gold portrayed vividly, the audience all by this big boy laugh with laughter. But with the development of the plot, he experienced after all the hardships of the final incarnation of the blood tough guy on the battlefield. Tie gold before the late great contrast of character attracted the attention of many fans, has become a major part of the film. compared with other characters, Tie Kim played many corners quite a feeling when the film was still shooting, Dong learn it had sent microblogging laugh: 'One day two live range of children, a friend said the relationship between father and son.' in addition, when it comes to the interpretation of the role, Dong learn generosity represents growth is the biggest feature of this role: 'Tie King once Gerry has some weak, timid, stay Meng, and then after baptism under fire in battle with his brother quitting five years experience made him no longer the carefree little boy, but more mature, to understand the troubled times cruel. his character is therefore a 180-degree turn, including expressions of brotherhood has also changed, he may be more forbear more compassion, and this is the most emotional part of the brothers of strength. 'a

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Traditional Chinese: 《鋼刀》:硬漢兄弟熱血激鬥

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