Be careful! You will also have pancreatic duct stones

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Good money silver general surgery chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor. The current director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, minimally invasive pancreas center, Deputy Director of Surgery, China Anticancer Association, the national professional committee of pancreatic cancer, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association in Jiangsu branch biliary oncology group assistant chairman of the Chinese Journal of digestive Surgery freelance reviewer, pancreatic communication Journal editorial board. undertake a number of national and provincial issues, professional papers published nearly 30, SCI included 4, a number of national scientific and technological achievements and province new diagnostic technology award, the provincial Science and technology progress Award 1. selected in Jiangsu Province '333 high-level personnel' young science and technology leader, Jiangsu Province, 'the six peak talents' cultivation object. abdominal Surgery is committed to clinical work 27 years complete control of diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal, liver, gallbladder, pancreas surgery of all types of diseases, especially good minimally invasive laparoscopic abdominal surgery, especially pancreaticoduodenectomy resection, retaining the middle and tail of the pancreas pancreas pancreatic head resection surgery, retained spleen puestow surgery, abdominal huge tumor resection of advanced gastric or colorectal cancer in the United pancreas and other organs resection.

We've all heard of gallbladder stones, bile duct stones, you may have heard of pancreatic duct stones do?

Pancreatolithiasis clinical relatively rare disease, lower incidence in the normal population, less than 1%, but it is a rare, once very troublesome.

Some time ago, we met such a patient. The female patient because of 'recurrent abdominal discomfort year,' he admitted. She began a year ago has upper abdominal discomfort, but it can not find the reason, on the performance of the abdominal discomfort, lower back pain, but no nausea, no vomiting, no fever and jaundice and other symptoms. patients have a history of diabetes, has been treated with insulin, the results were good. later, after abdominal B-ultrasound, found that patients with pancreatic final expansion with pancreatic duct stones, while type 2 diabetes.

Pancreatolithiasis also a natural stone, mainly composed of calcium carbonate and a number of polysaccharides, mostly white stones, rough surface, like velvet, can be single or multiple distributed within the duct. Pancreatolithiasis lead to the main pancreatic duct obstruction, pancreatic juice poor secretion, causing increased pressure within the pancreatic duct, increased destruction of pancreatic tissue structures.

Because the clinical symptoms of pancreatic duct stones atypical, mainly above abdominal pain, if doctors inexperienced prone to misdiagnosis. Meanwhile, the stone destroyed the pancreas itself, endocrine and exocrine function, it can cause diseases such as diabetes, fatty diarrhea, weight decline and a series of symptoms, but also easy to mislead doctors and patients, while the small number of patients and even cancer may occur.

Currently treatment pancreatic duct stones include minimally invasive (endoscopic therapy and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy) and surgical treatment in which minimally invasive treatment with less trauma, shorter hospital stay, etc., but the distribution of the impact will be affected minimally invasive treatment of stones because the pancreas anatomy limit, if it is head of the pancreas uncinate, body and tail of the pancreas, pancreatic duct stones within the branch, it is difficult to completely remove the lesion, so that long-term stone recurrence rate. as a result, patients often need repeated stone both physical and psychological burden and economic burden are too high. As a surgical course to better understand calculus, relapse prevention, but the traditional open surgery after trauma, recovery is slow.

For these patients, we will now consider in stone, stricture, unobstructed drainage under the premise, on the one hand you want to keep internal and external secretory function of the pancreas, while also combining the advantages of minimally invasive laparoscopy for patients in the laparoscopic pancreatic pipe cut stone surgery. Thus laparoscopic surgical trauma patients is small, recovery is relatively fast, while the pancreatic duct cut stone but also to avoid causing problems because of the anatomical location of the stones is difficult to remove the part. However, this surgery because need to find and safely cut the duct, depletion of stones, but also the establishment of reliable pancreaticojejunostomy, for the doctor's expertise is very high. Therefore, patients must go to a regular hospital, and looking for experienced professional doctor carry out this operation. He Songming finishing

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