"The ultimate weapon," the new concept of exposure Angus consortium camp distinctive charm

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Perfect World's 3D action sports game << >> ultimate weapon, is the hero fight as the main competitive manner. The concept gives the hero camp and character at the same time against that heroic image of the popular game of 'thermonuclear Raiders' other man-made heroes are attributable to the 'Angus Foundation' camp, the camp projecting a sense of science and technology and wealth, so many players showed great interest. 'Angus Foundation' camp today officially the new concept of visual impressions.

The new concept of the heroic image of the visual impression of fullness

Following the 'Tian Yuan Dynasty,' 'Lamphere kingdom,' the new concept of visual exposure camps, 'Angus Foundation' camp visual concept was first announced. Camp concept to the popular hero 'thermonuclear Raiders,' 'arctic Envoy' and 'Thunder Blade,' as a visual protagonist, perseverance and good at fighting reinforced steel frame is Angus consortium artificial human traits, while Angus consortium with soul implant technology, every man who has the independence heroes personality traits that make them both in battle, or in daily life, are highly distinctive charm.

Hero has a unique ability outbreak hero treatment

In the context of the game world, the Angus consortium holds the world's most advanced technology. Consortium of independent research and development close to a perfect artificial person and as a fighter and bodyguard unit, so the camp hero type of comprehensive and highly explosive. 'Hot nuclear assault 'and' Thunder Blade, 'belong to the assassination of the hero type, both with strong power,' thermonuclear Raiders 'properties equilibrium, suitable for novice to use, strong cutting ability makes him even strokes off enemy players, while' Thunder Blade 'cast skills with inductance effect, directly stun the enemy, win. support type' arctic Envoy 'has considerable control over the explosive core skills, under the premise of the hero positioned well aware, players can let him to maximize the strength of the cast, it became panic-stricken people there. the support hero 'metal angel' is the only hero who has a treatment capacity, in reply to one's own life provides the premise, but also to knock the enemy.

Great sense of technology with a unique voice hero skin

Game hero Angus consortium to prepare several sets of skin to show the artificial person close to a perfect charm as 'thermonuclear Raiders' stressed skin color matching, extend the hero in the fashion hit color elements of impact uninhibited personality. 'arctic Envoy' is always cool colors maximize outline hero qualities, cold and handsome co-exist also attracted the attention of many players. in addition, players in the final weapon << >> heroes selected for the skin At the same time, be able to hear the voice exclusive skin, thus opening the door to new relevant.

Themed map has a strong sense of technology Competitive

Players in the game can instantly recognizable theme Angus consortium athletic map, iron and steel casting the basic framework for the entire scene, the lights continued to carry out the transfer of cutting-edge information delivery .3V3 under Deathmatch, 'the sky of the heart' and 'Real steel' distinctive. 'firmament of the heart' of the central column of energy and totally natural round venue for an architecture with a real-time strategy combat venues, and four flat 'Real steel' is without any obstacle under the premise, allowing the player the most direct action showdown. after the start, both players need to take the lead within ten minutes to kill ten opponents before determining victory.

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Traditional Chinese: 《最終兵器》安格斯財團陣營新概念曝光 魅力鮮明

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