Wang Jianlin king principals engage in gaming visionary willing to live free debut

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Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group recently participated in the dialogue CCTV << >> column, talk about the truth of their practice gaming views on Sicong. And said that if Sicong invited him to go live platform will debut, and is free of charge.

China's richest man, Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin praised Sicong Houshengkewei said Sicong start an investment of time, but also think it is out of the angle of exercise, but now found that young people have more advantages than the older generation of local entrepreneurs, or in some places and more accurate than our own some.

'When he (Sicong told me when to do gaming, I feel totally weird. Now look really, this industry has been driven up, including his first to do live, and now it seems our generation of local entrepreneurs and disadvantages. '

Wang Jianlin also pointed out that 'Sicong has his own personal business, I was AG, I do mine, and he did his. If one day I said to invite his live debut at the platform, save some of his popularity, I I will definitely go, and is free of charge. '

'I did not want to consider him, he do not want to, he has his own life goals, in this position may feel too tired to do.' Wang Jianlin said he (Sicong has his own ideas, his own willingness to live more their own personal lives.

Foresight Sicong

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