Banff 2016 China outdoor fun and movie tour Unveiled

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At 14 o'clock on May 22, 2016 Banff Chinese cinema and outdoor fun tour press conference in Beijing Sanlitun opening Monica Joy Studios.

Banff China at the conference site, announced in 2016 will work together to jointly sponsor << Esquire Esquire >>, plus the chief partner Mercedes - Benz full blast, Banff heavy to open a series of outdoor fun outdoors sports, adventure, nature and theme of the film tour events, including the 'Banff mountain film Festival World tour China Exhibition', 'international marine film Festival,' 'sunshine running Festival', 'Chinese outdoor video plans,' 'hot snow image Festival ', as well as climbing areas top' rock festival ', through urban outdoor experience and documentary video, communication to the public health, active lifestyle and attitude.

Banff representative of China Zhang Ye, Esquire Esquire >> << Senior Marketing Director Tang Jie, Beijing Mercedes - Benz, senior manager of marketing communications swim Ning, Hong Hai Ho, marketing manager Kaile stone outdoor brand, Mitsuo outdoor marketing director Zhang Chao-hui, small umbrella's professional outdoor extreme Insurance brand 'dare!' chairman Xu Han, CORA outdoor retailers CEO, Patagonia brand on behalf of China Zeng Gang, director of Yunnan Cai Chen Liuwen clouds delicacies market, Olympus brand to promote public relations Vice Minister Li Peng, and outdoor adventure >> << He also executive editor red heavyweight guests attended the press conference. outdoor peers, partners and field 200 Yujia Bin mainstream media offered his congratulations, some of the country's top athletes and outdoor sports industry leaders also were to visit help out.

Conference, Banff Chinese founder of Miss Qian Hai Ying inability to arrive at the scene through the big screen will open the festival expressed excitement to the audience: 'Banff (Mountain Film Festival) entering China seven years, the world many true story corner occur in a variety of extreme conditions brought to the front of the audience, affecting the lives of many people and understanding of life. I am now the other end of the ocean, and my family look forward to a new life this year, Banff is the first time I did not participate in Banff, look forward to when I come back, you can go in front of me and told me to read this year's Banff, happen in your own body beautiful story. '

As Banff Chinese Premier Partner of this year, Mercedes - Benz GLA SUV for the first time to help carry Banff outdoor fun along, Mercedes - Benz has always been sports and healthy lifestyle advocate and supporter Mercedes - Benz GLA SUV also represents a 'natural fearless,' the courage to explore the spirit of courage Banff mountain sports movement for self-transcendence and the ultimate nature of courage to challenge, not only with the constant pursuit of the ultimate Mercedes-Benz brand. the pursuit of the spirit of the best fit, but also with GLA SUV product personality complement each other, so cooperation between the two will spark clashes more exciting this year.

Following last year's Mr. Esquire >> << fashion became Banff Mountain Film Festival co-sponsors, to work together again this year, Mr. Tang Jie Esquire Esquire >> << senior director of marketing, said: 'Banff mountain sports the ultimate pursuit of nature and exploration and Esquire Esquire >> << advocated 'trend of the times, open atmosphere of the first' brand coincides with the spirit, through sincere cooperation over the past year, we have laid a good foundation, with its own brand resources, confident that this year's event is much more rich and wonderful. '

June 10-11, 2016 'Banff Outdoor Carnival' will be a grand opening in Beijing Sanlitun store experience Mercedes Me founder Tina said that last year the audience Banff Master Classes heat beyond imagination, so this year when the invited guests more heart, wild and photographer Xu Jian, founder of 'the desire of the Declaration' Mina, are lurking in the outdoor ring 'low skilled.' Xu Jian was a national geographic photographer and magazine editor, Mina is the 'next 50 affect Australia 'one, gave impetus to the establishment of an international carbon trading system. they love the outdoors, personally, and hope to lead more people to enjoy the beauty of nature, seeking harmony between man and nature of the road. they have a very rich experience of adventure, but also happy share with others, for the fans who have enormous charm - whether technical ability or charisma of personality; the carnival scene will also be held for the first time outdoors peak venture Forum, from the domestic outdoor industry pioneer, to today's cutting-edge emerging entrepreneurs, leaders and representatives of venture capital firms from outside the industry, we will venture across the Internet, travel, technology, events and other areas relating to share.

Undoubtedly, the biggest highlight of the press conference Banff Mountain Film Festival, International Film Festival Ocean, sun and rock festival festival running four commercials and nearly an hour of exposure of the media a sneak preview of the film shocking wonderful lens, so that partners and the guests, more media believes the ultimate driving force for China video outdoor market.

It is reported that in June - 8 months, 'Banff Mountain Film Festival', 'International Marine Film Festival', 'rock festival', 'Sunshine Running Film Festival' and 'China Outdoor Documentary Project' in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou four city tour screenings; 'hot snow movie Festival' will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongli three simultaneous start of October for the Chinese outdoor core audience familiar with Banff film Festival and tour and fans coming to the attention of lifestyle. that all year to immerse themselves in a high-quality cultural journey into the adventure. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 班夫中國2016戶外嘉年華及電影巡展盛大啟幕

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