Students said: in the UK long-distance relationship is what experience?

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British red scarf hearing, each study (microblogging) students, is a story of the students. Yuan committee but would like to hear you talk about those years long-distance love story in the UK.

Whether it is a foreign country, or are off-site but in England, where, if there is your story?

Exotic romance

Ankh_LYU: 'I'm sick.' 'Where are you, how uncomfortable' 'Nothing of the fever is gone.'

Along the Seine River to Florence: Probably you all I can do at home?

M fleshy clear: although the distance of miles, but my heart has always been always concerned about each other every day looking forward to the time quickly too, would like to see him return home early exotic love sweet and bitter sweet because he... so far we have been, our feelings do not have jet lag and distance limitations affected. bitter because, in front of the screen to see his smile is so spoiled so gentle and so sweet, but I did not touch him, so close . missing is a kind of disease

Yeah fried fried hair Bear: Do not be too easy, ah, want to eat anything snacks directly added to the shopping cart told him to send over what mascara eyeliner can call him to help buy British shops selling kiss me good expensive. what! Two hours and then hit the phone every night, during the day I want to go super free .. Why Why electricity supplier on selling discounted goods sent to China do not include Europe decisively went to collect him. Ah Think of all exotic love it beautiful ah (two more than the story of the ugly

I Mo Executive: I love exotic male vote is, you can buy a bunch of luxury combined ticket

imAprou:.... I was in China, he was in Australia, I was in England, he was in Australia, I was in China, he was in China, he said we can finally live like dawn darkness, rain or shine, spring, summer, so I do not think he long distance relationship is a terrible and hard one thing he taught me that is the most difficult to give up the choice.

Xiahe Lott Huang: the difference is that people of all different emotions become cried tears

Chestnut said Narcissus plants: seven hours time difference everyday. She lunchtime hurry my breakfast feel very happy (???? ?? ????) get up early every day Good morning, afternoon chat during lunch time? hurry her to bed before going to sleep at night she got up early to me Goodnight remote process has brought us lots to talk about every day, then there are less than four months will be able to come back to her experience has not been a day in happy together now how can give it up

Inilar: British Chinese offsite once a year and a half later returned to England, married for six years, and the second baby soon to be born

Big face cat eat fish fish: from the decision together that day on his mobile phone across every exotic Chongni looked at me when they are especially particularly like him, but still good morning good night every day he goes to work for me. to sleep. I class him sleep. I want to go back to always, always with him, not separated.

Ann_0921_: The United States of his five hour time difference, probably every night I slept with him in a voice chat with.

Silver mulberry family a beast: Every time when the video screen can not wait to drill down past ... unhappy things not to say, because time together just leave things to be happy

Yan Yan _yanyu: a British, an Australian, I just felt all farther and farther from the heart to the body, it seems very familiar, it would seem very strange, do not know to meet again, would you like me again

A wonderful world of mushrooms: @ mushroom industry a wonderful husband two months before graduation we were together, and then he returned to our exotic two years, we adhere to and love for each other the best and beat the distance. time, two months to graduate, we no longer have finally separated

Qu Dian magic seat: exotic love for two years, just broke up, she said, they will not want to know what your life is like, what made what, everything is no longer concerned about not breaking up and breaking up has been no different. anyway, now I am a person too, no match for time and distance, this is the reality.

Meow meow Molly: I know work in Britain when her boyfriend, I return home after a year together, distant seven years separate the first year open 24 hours skype, now married for two years, he returned to England to settle

Fleshy _DXE: On the year he flew five exotic look I'm really grateful to have someone to see you eleven hours of aircraft flying domestic flights also just like to stay away had the election in London. go to school for half next year to meet together to facilitate graduate (microblogging) and finally no longer the exotic

Wang Xiaoyu wxy: 'I get out of bed, you may be allowed to stay up late.' 'I work it, good morning baby, eh eh eh, still stay in bed' 'good bread for supper, ah, you do not have a lunch in a foreign country also allowed just deal with their own '' nothing, I'm not sleepy, say words while chanting '' I ate a lunch! What, you still up? fast asleep, the next allowed to stay up late! '' tomorrow is daylight saving time, and later to get up early for an hour, you have to wait for me to tell you good night, sleep in the past do not own

Zhang lazy do not look do not listen do not move: Several times he helped me see through jet lag to catch literature papers, two people really learn a tuition?

Zhao Zi Yan Zilya: boyfriend was in Beijing, I winchester, more transnational love for two years, returning the next day he asked me to marry, get married, every day we are together, cherish the hard-won happiness he now sat. garlic peeling skin on the couch, do Laba garlic, and I lay on the couch tweeting. now Rio Olympic Games, I hope my husband refueling, safely, smoothly. Whatever the outcome, you are the champion of my heart .

Distance relationship

Sedate sister: Yiyanbuge have to do a three-hour train

Teacher flat flat no pain: results of a thick deposit of a dozen tickets

I am not a pound to choke: me and my boyfriend a week he sat in the middle of a four and a half hours by train to my transfer three cars in the north of England, he would not let me go because he said he was afraid I was tired train. - Friday so he is sitting on the train on Saturday morning the first group of six to me to catch him when I just woke up and opened his eyes he can see in front of me immediately with the third year people can only distance love is not a problem for the

Miaomiao no silver: Heilongjiang obviously is a big place, but it seems to drive abroad need to be the same

Wang Cankun 2: I have a thick wad of tickets remain in the United Kingdom but also the best to stay in the UK.

Papa Pa crisp g: city separated the two stations are too far

Very few _7: I'm in the middle of his Liverpool Bristol 220 km 3 and a half hours to change at Birmingham this year is about to end our long distance relationship finally have a happy ending after all the successful British train really expensive ( slower

Barbara deja vu: the depth of experience instability British train system once, he said, want to eat Pork, I do get past the meat bought a total of four hours to his home when still hot, the men ticket touched bad. but there are also a way to open the train stopped half the children, and said in front of the fault, from London to Coventry spent more than six hours, the toilet did not have to.

Porridge orz: Birmingham and Chester train two hours a week to meet the train turns ha is very time-consuming test train is not cheap expect to graduate together.

Tony told me a small table: a Sheffield, a Cardiff, four hours away, he only came twice to hold on, I did not give him the chance to go, he returned home today, I still have three years in the UK, you may never meet in this life, you realize that once some people really will not meet again to separate what it feels like.

Mr Yang yy:. She my round trip by train from London to York on Friday afternoon and basically had no seats often have to stand for two hours in Brighton York had one week to go to her class could not unhappy 22:00 departure drove to four in the morning point to. do family call, the call is always free within an hour 65 minutes only to find quickly hang up. now the children have gone home to get married soon 2 years old miss Britain

Simply the way: I am in Edinburgh, her boyfriend in Leicester, five hours by train, take 2, £ 89 open return I can not accept long distance relationship, he was back and forth every weekend 10 hours to see me, finally agreed together. in the UK a year, not separated more than ten days now returning together for almost two years. he said that one of the engines was from a girl of the same class and encourage each other, the girl quasi-M ticket ...... Argentina.

In fact, it has been that even the remote or exotic love story can still be quite warm. Whether it is the time that people become strangers, or survived the hard times and distances fruition, this experience is very important in our life's journey scene.

Thanks for that period of time can not accompany you through people, because through this journey, you are all grown up. (From the public number British red scarf Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 留學生說:在英國遠距離戀愛是怎樣的經歷?

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