Power optimization function temporarily closed the third installment of the Region

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Dear Ganoderma are:

In the May 19, we will be the third installment of the Region forces to optimize operations, Ganoderma lucidum were ready.

Third power optimization region:

Telecom area, telecommunications Second District, three areas of telecommunications, telecom six districts, seven districts telecommunications, telecommunications eight districts, telecommunications ten districts, telecommunications Hongfu district, legend telecommunications area, a district Netcom, Netcom Second District, three districts Netcom

In order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data migration, we will advance production temporarily closed collection, auction houses and Fenghuiyuan line system after power optimization 2.0 Maintenance function back on. Ganoderma please be prepared in advance.

May 19 third batch of power optimization region each time the system is temporarily closed:

Acquisition Production: at 15:00 on May 16

Auction house, Fenghui line: at 10:00 on May 18

More on power optimization 2.0 presentation, please click on the link <<<

To compensate you Ganoderma power optimization inconvenience encountered during 2.0, 2.0 all the forces optimization plan involves Ganoderma region, can be optimized in force after the completion of 2.0 at the official website of the welfare center to receive a compensation package, Package contents as follows:

Special freemason growth Talisman * 1

Gold Key Club poly spirit * 2

Su Xiangyang rosary * 5

Copy of the replacement slate * 2

Above will be open to receive gifts after power optimization completed, please refer to the official website announcement

[2.0 power optimization, Region interworking without gaps! ]

We will open May 5, 2016 for a period of 2.0 month's forces optimization plan.

By region interoperability at the core of power optimization 2.0, Ganoderma lucidum to bring more freedom, more open, more agile and more convenient gaming experience.

1, after the power optimization is complete, the path Ganoderma who entered the game will not change, the fungus can enter the game from the original path region (eg: small partner Telecom Zone 1 Zone 1 Telecom still choose to enter the game

2, after the power optimization is complete, the fungus will experience seamless communication between different region, the actual experience of inter-service copy, auction houses, Fenghui row, contest, war and other games are played, the number of people because of the large area after exchange It increased more exciting. we can meet more experts from other region in the inter-service copy, PVP and other games are played, the junior partner with more experience fighting as a team, competing against fun.

3. The exchange focused on power optimization 2.0 region, Ganoderma lucidum were on the field of play and other server-related will not come into contact with other servers players.

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Traditional Chinese: 勢力優化第三批大區功能暫閉

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