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2016 Hearthstone legend >> << Gold International Challenge held by the NetEase and Blizzard - Central Europe Tournament will be held May 23 - After a year of pick up the pieces from the Premier League Golden Spring in Shanghai, China, the resumption of hostilities on the 29th race winning eight top Chinese players will come from Hearthstone Hearthstone gosugamers world rankings before the commencement of European players 8 fierce battle again. If the Chinese players to win, Netease CEO William Ding will honor their commitments, a private buyout value millions of Ferrari won the gift of Chinese players.

This is the third EU-China match official confrontation between China and the EU Hearthstone player, and also the year 2016 Hearthstone legend >> << Gold Series for the first time in international competitions. The game will be to conquer the competition system 'standard mode', and by major global simulcast network platform. finals will be held on the 28th, carried out in Shanghai Yuanshen Sports Centre on the 29th. you can click on the following link to watch the game live events topic, understand events schedule, more information statistics, video games, etc. .

China and the EU Special Event Tournament (poke me

Game schedule

Group stage (16 into 8

May 23 (Monday 17: 30-22: 30 Group stage Group A

May 24 (Tuesday 17: 30-22: 30 Group stage Group B

May 25 (Wednesday 17: 30-22: 30 Group C

May 26 (Thursday 17: 30-22: 30 Group stage Group D

Check game (Game Entertainment

May 27 (Friday 18: 00-21: 00


May 28 (Saturday 16: 30-20: 30 eight into four four single-elimination tournament

May 29 (Sunday 16: 30-20: 30 Finals

Hearthstone legend << >> Central European Competition will officially start tonight 17:30 in the evening of May 23 opener will be carried out is the whole game .A group stage Group A group of four players are: SuperJJ (Germany, Ostkaka (Sweden, as well as WE Xiao Yi Yi Jin Night, the upper bracket and the lower bracket of the first group stage will be 8 in advance. as Hearthstone World championship defending champion, Ostkaka and clothing Kam Night contest will be today, the focus of the game. Chosen people is one of Europe 2015 furnace slag, and the other is the China Open, the highest level of gold holder, which can only really successfully reached the upper bracket, please look forward to tonight's game .

Central Europe Review

For Chinese Hearthstone players, like the previous two EU-China Competition is the heart of the two wounds everyone. Even for longer time in the past, when there will always recall the mood miscellaneous Kan. Today, the third EU-China Competition Hearthstone broke out, the Chinese players in the end is able to shame before a snow or letting opponents in their wounds rubbed salt it?

0: 4 defeat painful

As the world's largest area of Hearthstone player, China has a more than 20 million of Hearthstone players. In the face of the Asian gaming powerhouse South Korea, the world's major powers TCG game Japanese, Chinese players have a good record, there had been 'seven Tianshan sword '- seven Chinese players' hit 'South Korea's top players brilliant achievements.

However, in the international arena, China has a player can not touch but sadly, that is the end of April 2014 Competition Central Europe, Central Europe's first match, the Chinese team a total score of 0: 4 tragic sweep, even once caused Netease CEO Ding Lei wrath, private investors to buy million-dollar Ferrari sports car as a reward, reward in Central Tournament to win the Chinese players.

Regret missing hand missed the final victory

2015 was the year full of hope furnace slag, Chinese players Hearthstone small fish big fairy Crusade in Europe, won the championship 2015DreamHack summer, Chinese athletes debut GosuGamers charts first.

Then Chinese players again in the furnace slag and Japan Challenge Cup, Southeast Asia Challenge tempo beat brightest enemies, establish a strong confidence 8 - bit players were coming to China 2015 gold Open top players, and adopted the gold layers of screening finals. However, in the last semi-final, Kolento snooze against the shaman, a small fish big fairy against Hawkeve. While carrying two Chinese players with many Chinese players look forward to, but it seems some bad luck have lost, missed the final. the final battle between the two European players to start. D always prepared red Ferrari also << >> Unfortunately, not you sad sound slowly leave. snuffed Hearthstone fans Ferrari are on illusions.

Chinese team is going to win Ferrari's revenge

Now, a new round of EU-China Challenge broke! But a matter of life and death has nothing to do honor Hearthstone Tournament Central Europe is not simply a general sense of the game, no matter which Fangdui Sheng Lee have a tremendous desire.

European players play from the lineup, the European team sent almost all their main players, it can be said is that every European service and the world Hearthstone circle man, every one has a world champion strength, while the European team, the Chinese team aspect is relatively star-studded simmering breath bent on revenge in the completion of the contest.

Several Chinese players before the interview difficult to find for this game Chinese pros also responded with great expectations. The Chinese representative player gold championship finals 'good student Zhang Bo' is the rhetoric to the game Central European champions defeated last K God: 'While we and the European record in the history of the team there are some gaps, but nothing in the furnace slag world everything is possible my goal is to dry out and die K God, this. I also express the greatest respect for him. '

This time, Central European trials, the gold Super League champion CLBreath spring is also full of fighting spirit: 'Despite the strong European players, but we still won the championship, Ferrari will be driven away.' When heard of European players that come to China when the purpose is to stop the Chinese players drove a Ferrari, he replied: '! last year, they've tried to stop us, and this year will not want too much, we will definitely gone Ferrari'

While there are difficulties, but by more than a year of hard training and learn the game, the Chinese players have made great progress and development. China hopes the players can shameful, winning Ferrari, for the glory!

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Traditional Chinese: 中歐挑戰賽今日開戰 都想一雪前恥 就怕雪上加霜

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