Expert guest "people forum" preach drinking smoking hazards

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May 21 morning, Li Hui Ling, deputy director of the PLA General Hospital of Hainan Branch of Respiratory guest Sanya City Library 'people forum', bringing a theme of 'life's most common health problems - Drinking smoking' popular science lectures, advocacy public scientific practice healthy lifestyle.

Li Hui Ling has from drinking, smoking two common life affect health problems, we should first analyze the types, the alcohol content of wine, 'In addition to alcohol, the wine as well as other impurities, such as alcohol, aldehydes, alcohols with a molecular weight increase the anesthetic effect on the nerves is also strengthening. 'moderate drinking good for health, excessive drinking may lead to various diseases and social problems.' 5 minutes after drinking alcohol present in the blood, 30 to 60 minutes when the highest concentration in the blood point. Li Hui Ling said, excessive drinking, the liver is the most injured, in addition also increase cardiovascular, digestive system, reproductive organs risk of illness, and easily lead to all kinds of social problems.

There are 1.1 billion smokers worldwide is currently estimated China has 700 million people are directly or indirectly (by passive smoking is hazardous. Li Hui Ling first to an analysis of the harmful ingredients and smoking tobacco can cause various diseases, in which smoking causes fatal about 40 kinds of diseases, including cancer, only a variety of diseases there. Li Hui Ling analyzed the existence of errors of people smoking on cognition, if people believe that the suction band 'filter' a good smoke can reduce the risk of cancer, and guide you properly understanding the hazards of smoking and active smoking, she stressed cessation of any age are beneficial to health, and for the audience to share the '5D' quitting method, namely delay (delay, Deep breathing (deep breathing, do something else (to do something else, Drink water (drinking water, Declare (preaching.

The event sponsored by the municipal library, Municipal Federation of Social Sciences co.

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