Song Zhongji to "running man" is treated differently Cheng Kai saying that he "failed"

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These periods >> << Hurry Up, Brother seemed to make the audience back to the Korean version of 'Running Man' sense of familiarity, both went to South Korea's record, or Korean male Rain God to join, all China and South Korea fans in the middle It caused a lot of attention yesterday, 'running men's team' members Zheng Kai told reporters in an interview in the micro-channel arrangement disclosed Zhejiang TV, this week's 'running man' will usher in a heavyweight guest -. Song Zhongji '( Song Zhongji appeared people think, do man is a failure, 'the interview, Zheng Kai s feelings, and why?

South Korean star with three blows, and even the favorite son Cheng Kai mother, watching with Rain of this program, the micro sent a letter to his son, said, 'Rain really very attractive.' But many people also questioned, the whole ' running man 'seems to be in a serious tear in the Rain brand, others are just playing it, which Zheng Kai explained,' we have carefully seasons, and we'll carefully, you will see tired, so we gave guests the opportunity to multi-point, allow more guests to show what we could record it carefully, then half an hour is over. '

For many girls, 'her husband' Song Zhongji coming soon, Cheng Kai revealed feeling 'male running man' is not the whole existence, 'his eyes are girls, even the staff are, and nobody of us. Even the staff all around him, so we are very frustrated. we all feel some unity, do man is a failure. 'but Cheng Kai, said he understood the reasons why red after along with Song Zhongji,' very polite, to accompany us to record late, not sleepy no opinion, has been smiling, I am also very handsome. '

Chatted about this and several Korean artists recorded programs of cooperation, Cheng Kai think every guest to have a special dedication, 'Korean artists who have a lot of very good habits that we can learn their own requirements are very high, on the side staff is also very good. I think I may be more than the variety of personal future in acting, filming various aspects may also artists and other Asian countries will have to cooperate, this is a very fun thing. 'correspondent Wang Jieyu Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 宋仲基來“跑男”被區別對待 鄭愷大呼自己“失敗”

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