Mercedes-Benz plans to accelerate the development of pure electric vehicles by 2020, pushing four new models

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Mercedes-Benz plans to accelerate the development of pure electric vehicles by 2020, pushing four new models

According to the British car site Autocar reports, Mercedes - Benz has accelerated the new pure electric vehicle research and development plan, 2020 will be the introduction of four new models.

Recently, the German government announced that it will begin to be used pricing below 60,000 euros (about 440,000 yuan of electric vehicles for the long-awaited sale of subsidies, as 1.2 billion euros (about 8.8 billion yuan electric car purchase incentive plan part of this, Mercedes-Benz has made promoting new pure electric vehicle research and development program initiatives. the program is responsible for R & D Benz outgoing Thomas Weber (ThomasWeber) orchestrated.

According to the plan, by the end of 2020, there will be four new electric cars to join Mercedes-Benz line-up, including two cars and two SUV. Each models are the basic elements of the traditional heritage of dynamic models, such as car windshields and car hard top structure of such a design point, but according to insiders involved in the four models of the proposal revealed that these vehicles have a unique design, so that people immediately recognize that they are zero-emission vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz's new electric vehicle line-up is designed to compete directly with Tesla electric vehicles. Tesla led to the development of electric vehicles, and since its ModelS cars begin production in 2012, it maintained a steady sales growth. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz Audi's main competitor recently announced that 2018 will provide e-tronquattro concept car production version, enter the field of electric vehicles as a first stage.

Despite comments that the two cars will be based on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and S-Class models design, two SUV models will build the foundation of GLA and GLC, but several models are still very mysterious.

Mercedes-Benz has carefully considered independent electric car sales unique design of the body, but it represents the development, replacement parts and high production costs mean that even higher price, the first-generation model in the case of the annual output of less than 50,000, are unsustainable. Tesla confirms this conclusion Benz: Tesla's first production modelS models currently in the UK starts at 51,900 pounds (about 493,000 yuan, but still difficult to profit.

It is reported that Mercedes-Benz is currently under research and development center in Stuttgart developed Motor future car use, the output power (400kW ranging from 102 horsepower (75kW to 544 horsepower. In addition, Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles will be equipped provided by Daimler subsidiary Accumotive new generation lithium-ion battery. the lithium ion battery can guarantee Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles mileage of 402 kilometers.

Mercedes-Benz electric cars the future will be located in Rastatt, Germany, the port city of Bremen, Sindelfingen factory dedicated production line for production at Mercedes Benz also announced an investment of 500 million euros (about 3.7 billion yuan to upgrade the plant in Hamburg future many components of pure electric vehicles will be produced this year in March, the parent company Daimler-Benz announced it would invest 500 million euros (about 3.7 billion yuan to upgrade its battery production facilities in Germany.

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Traditional Chinese: 奔馳加速純電動汽車發展計劃 2020年推四款新車型

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