Han Xue ten million remuneration when anchor goddess from the entertainment to science and technology across the ring

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It has three generations of entertainment red Han Xue said the little princess, compared to the high visibility on the screen, make more impressive but it is off screen for her welfare and social enthusiasm and her strong concern about the high-tech industry .

Recently, some media came about to tens of millions of Han Xue remuneration settled in a technology company. Message has been issued it triggered a strong concern fans. According to informed sources, not only will the ten million Han Xue as the remuneration of a technology company's app anchor, will also become a shareholder of the technology companies. it is reported that han Xue had already shared a lot of use of the technology company APP link on its social networking site, as a school Pa han Xue as an anchor, fluent English usually recommended her to read books and watch movies to fans.

This time the outgoing Han Xue upcoming news business technology company shares have been able to cause a large area of concern, partly because Han Xue powerful appeal, partly because Han Xue superior family. Never before Han Xue or any endorsement stationed technology products, the shares of technology companies also choose han Xue first step into the circle of science and technology. as usual on the right high-tech industry has been concerned about the artist, han Xue shares of technology companies can also be said not unexpected the goddess from across the entertainment industry to high-end technology circles, fans are even more actively support the cause of idols, downloads of the product showed a rise in stride style, but friends speculated greater presence should be based on reason han Xue 'interest' dictates.

As for the 'Never annual salary,' one said, Han Xue aspect has not yet given a positive response, but according to Han Xue past performance, generous family environment and low-key, she obviously do not care about paying or not, enjoy the fun as English anchor Korea is probably the most favorite little goddess.

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Traditional Chinese: 韓雪千萬酬金當主播 女神要從演藝圈橫跨到科技圈

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