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Why expensive ceramic knife

In recent years in the kitchen adds an upstart - ceramic knives, for young people to accept this new stylish tool up is easy, but for the elderly, with a lifetime of the knife, to use ceramic knife or difficult to shift from the concept, even if the family has also placed that does not know how to use, without fear of cut, do not cut bad so precious, and today I took a look at these questions ceramic knife

A ceramic knife hard enough?

Ceramics should be synonymous fragile, breakable ceramic knife is it? Ceramic knife using a precision ceramic high pressure developed, most of the currently available ceramic knife is processed in a nano-zirconia material with a high hardness, high density, high temperature, anti-magnetic, anti-oxidation characteristics, its Mohs hardness of 9, second only to the world's hardest substance - diamond (10, therefore, its blade Lido is 10 times that of ordinary stainless steel knife the above.

Second, the ceramic knife for cutting what?

Although ceramic knife hard enough, but it is worse toughness compared to metal cutting tools, ceramic knives therefore afraid to fall, not be used to cut, chop, encountered hard bones, do not use the head-because the ceramic blade benefits for cut is the best, vegetables, meat without bones, fruit, not shelled seafood and so very suitable for ceramic knife.

Third, the special advantage of ceramic knife

1, good oxidation resistance: Since the ceramic knife blade sharp fast cutting speed, time can ease fruits and vegetables by contact with air cells, slow the oxidation process.

2, good water lock in chopping process, the blade sharp food can make the water flow out easily, ensure that the original taste of food, which is also used to reduce the ceramic onion tears reasons knife.

Fourth, Caution

1. Purpose: to cut the main, do not chop, chop flesh hard, frozen foods or not fully melt the frozen foods,

2, unlike the ceramic knife metal knife with sharp blade, but do not ignore it quick and sharp, to properly store,

3. Do not drop altitude ceramic knife, do not use ceramic knife to pry something,

4, to choose wood or plastic chopping board chopping board when using ceramic knife, do not use stone or chopping board in the kitchen worktop cut direct


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