Graduate school there is no need to go to North Canton

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Speaking of wide north, we will use 'the bustling city, the rapid development of numerous opportunities' to describe many large enterprises settled here to take root, aim to attract people here. Indeed, they are the Chinese first-tier cities, to some extent, is the epitome of China's development, China is the facade, then, graduate (microblogging) want to go to north Canton do next Xiaobian would like to talk about this topic.?:

Prestigious complex going Dreams

Why say this prestigious complex thing? We all know that many schools in inland China have gathered in north Canton. If there are prestigious plot, must on the school, then do not scruple location of the school. There are dreams, who are terrific. If the heart is still, then go to Dream. If there are prestigious complex, but there are concerns, worried that he could not be admitted, or consider distance away from the school, which is only stumbling block with reverse thinking, because of these factors, if we give up his dream, then, even if admitted to the other institutions, this high school is no cure for heart disease, to the PubMed (microblogging) have not been solved, it will be a lifetime of heart disease. in fact, you know , prestigious complex itself is a disease, is the only medicine to cure admitted to this school, in addition, no other way. so, small advice, there is this prestigious complex disease of the students, without regard to geography learning , buried examination, on the right.

Not just graduate school graduate

We can not simply put graduate school as a graduate. To understand the principle of all knowledge qualifications, all the efforts, ultimately return to life. Life is the true colors of life, is not it? Sense of the day, in order to feel real nice. so, in the interior of such a social atmosphere, the network of people is very important, you graduate study accumulation phase of contacts, and direct your future work and life have a direct link. If only think of north Canton graduate , but can not meet the fast-paced life, or to return home to take care of their parents, it is recommended Xiao Bian is the careful selection, must take the decisions made now and in the future life together. not prestigious complex, there is love at home Complex students, the best choice for your school home, north of Guangzhou after all, not a permanent solution. If you have no favorite hometown school, you can choose the nearest school. for example, students can choose Guizhou, Sichuan school, Sichuan University is a good choice.

Xiao Bian said more than here, is simply, there are prestigious complex of students do not have to consider the school district is not the north of Guangzhou, buried bitter school can, for students who do not prestigious complex, you combine their actual case, after considering the intention of development where, on where to go to school, building up a network in that place, linked to graduate school and life. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 讀研去北上廣有沒有必要

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