Expert: Webcast highlights the popularity of young people in the life of a very lonely

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Live has become one of 2016's hottest 'Internet outlet,' but also because of some uncivilized phenomenon sparked controversy. Recent media reports, more and more young people watching it live, not to pursue stimulation, while is 'look silly,' some in a daze, eating, sleeping tents and other bar found 'Aspect' screen has also been sought after experts say live lonely popularity reflects the younger generation in modern life.

Since the birth of the Internet, we continue to create new possibilities, new 'play', and features a new birth, the young are often the first to accept, and slowly spread to the so-called 'boring live' and in fact, did not break the law, it is a new Internet technology development evolution inevitable, and not simply that young people are lonely game.

If you just see it as lonely game for young people, this is clearly an underestimate 'Internet outlet.' In the longitudinal axis, is no way to compare the extent of loneliness is hard to say that today's young people than in the past 80 after 70 after more lonely, not to mention little distraction the way there are many, why 'boring live' now fire?

Important reason is that this is the direction of development of Internet technology, which is the capital of a keen sense of smell to track the trend from the initial web forum, blog, and later microblogging, micro-channel, one of the important function is to satisfy human distraction, expand exchanges desires, and these network platform from simple text pictures to short video function is increasing, not because more and more lonely people, but more and more technological advances, can gradually achieve anytime, anywhere, multimedia means of 'show' and AC so 'boring live', but in the past the new social media upgrading.

But only the technology, 'boring live' will not have so many audiences, will not have such a big influence in the logic behind the Internet, as well as the reality of the business logic to support young people to see things no matter how bored they the pay is time and money, while young eyes shift, along with the transfer of money, as they pass through various points like, a reward of way, making payment transactions anytime, anywhere.

Buyers and sellers has been able to achieve transactions, thanks to the initiation of the prosperity of online shopping from buying physical store, the shop to buy objects, to networking platform buy 'virtual goods', which is a natural evolutionary process. young consumers, live is a kind of product they are willing to pay. and now this product is still a niche product, for young people to express individuality way, as the young love of certain brands of clothes, electronic products express individuality same.

So live video is not purely boring game, but a huge market, there is steady demand of buyers and sellers, who have a platform to build capital. From a sociological point of view, perhaps the experts are right, 'boring live' reflects is a lonely young people, but in the world of the Internet, not only found a lonely way to resolve, but also created a huge commercial value, have also gradually influence public opinion to force.

So this is not the leading position three to five days young little game, it represents the new trend of the Internet in the future. The new integration user's viewing behavior and purchasing behavior will occur, which for many traditional industries will bring subversion will create more new opportunities. young people do not want to be abandoned, do not want to abandon the market, it is necessary to pay more attention to this.

from: Guangzhou Daily

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Traditional Chinese: 專家:網絡直播走紅凸顯年輕人在生活中很孤獨

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