"Jian Wang 3" Masters opening a new perspective first exposure today live

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Jian Wang 3 >> << master swordsmith General Assembly Athletics Tournament (referred to as the Masters) today officially start, there will be eight teams started the first battle, compete for four seats semi-final qualification. In this Masters tournament, the first open broadcast interface, providing a plurality of broadcast monitoring interface and global perspective, Telecom and China Netcom's champion will compete in the level of public view, compete for the throne of the king. All races are in the major broadcast platform will be broadcast live the whole network. anchor line was broken official explanation Star, the host cloud robe, players clear anchor Suppliers Movies and TV anchor A panda dreams and betta TV anchor Archie.

Official Live page

Live time: at 19 o'clock on May 23 to 22:20

[New Live interface more exciting first exposure Global Perspective]

New Air Interface
Details of each module

In order to enhance the live viewing of the tournament for the first time equipped with a new live interface OB, it contains the complete lineup of both martial and monitoring, historical record kill, long time scores and game, all the information at a glance, let paladin pointing country. At the same time opening up the perspective of a breakthrough live switching function interface, anchor according to individual needs Perspective global Perspective switch or a team player, and fully meet the needs of the live view.

[Netcom VS Telecom experts from various quarters spanned each stroke]

Clear goals monitoring
Determine the outcome

Masters for the online game, Telecom and China Netcom district district name from all parties gathered, and will use the official service dedicated game server client login the game, all the teams are single treatment team, using the 1060 tournament uniform payment products PVP installed. after entering the swordsmith General Assembly venue, the game began to prepare time of 1 minute, 10 minutes long game, Sword of the General Assembly and the outcome of the mechanism mechanism consistent. each team through three games the two teams compete for the team to enter the finals If the opening game within three minutes the two sides are not in contact combat, there is a negative one deemed a waiver of the game.

Over the next week, a total of four group matches played in succession, the finals will be started June 2, including the winners will win an exclusive honor, iPhone6S Plus and 588,800 reign, including the luxury prize. In addition, << Jian Wang 3 >> 'my dream dodge' colleagues contest will be officially open on may 19, including video games, game screenshots, colleagues painted, cos, live action film and other works in any form can participate! Jian Wang 3 >> << official will select the 'best picture of the game Award' and 'Best Video Game Award' entries based on the quality of the 'Best Creative derivatives' and other awards, and selected according to a number of popular works of point Like several awards ! Hardcover print settings set, high-end custom porcelain, rare activation code 'night Galaxia' and many other Gifts waiting for you to come and collect!

Jian Wang 3 >> << official website: http: //jx3.xoyo.com/

Jian Wang 3 << >> official microblogging: @ Jian Wang 3 official microblogging

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Traditional Chinese: 《劍網3》大師賽今日開幕 全新直播視角首曝

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