God or ghost pumping pumping furnace slag in the dealer really exist?

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Hearthstone legend of the most mysterious figure is the dealer, and God pumping pumping ghosts are controlled by the dealer. The dealer then in the end is how to run it?

First, the author is a loyal player common code of agriculture, but also furnace slag, only outlined their views on this, we looked Lehelehe like. Then, the authors did not determine the specific procedural language Hearthstone explore code just appetizers aimed straightaway, ordinary players to broaden horizons. third, many commentators expressed interest with maps, most with pictures from the 'Hearthstone legend Ui design,' many of the early game design draft, designers He said it was 'a difficult transformation process,' tangible intentions of the production team, at this point a praise.

Card games can not do without God and ghosts pumping pumping, 'This is the card game to offer' Today's theme is:? Licensing ape this guy in the end the existence of such a program, if it exists, and how does it work?

Many times a sense of cool smoke comeback God is incomparable, opponents of God drawn comeback feeling is very High (manual funny, if the program is able to encode departure cards ape, then this role will lead to God really draw happen?

From the more familiar deck Buddha ride to start. Riding Buddha 'God pumping', which can be understood as a hands did not touch the mysterious challenger, 6 bother pumping mysterious challenger transformed into a form of Buddha. So how do we build a mechanism that allows players to increase the probability of the Buddha God draw it?

One possible mechanism is 'in a particular round, specific trigger conditions are met, whether or pumped Key card check, if the next pumping smoke is not God, then re-shuffle again.'

Just get hands three players, each round a draw in the first five rounds smoked five a total of eight, left deck 22, the probability of God smoked Buddha is 1/11. If we want to increase the probability of God smoked players (let Buddha ride more fun?, you can turn the key (6 fee bout before the start, once judgment, if the top deck (first right is not the Buddha, then shuffle again.

Simple code similar schematic

FunctionbeforeRoundStart (// before the draw started


If (God drawn under this condition AND bout a draw is not God


Shuffle (1, // a shuffle



Probably will not lead to a reshuffle of God sauce, but it significantly increases the probability of pumping God, if we set to 'shuffle, if the first is to wash the Buddha, stop, or continue up shuffling N times, 'then, as N increases, will quickly increase the probability of God smoked.

These probabilities are mathematically computable, if you want more precise control probability, you can also add a factor to control, that is, 'there is a certain probability of triggering the shuffle.' These effects values are controlled to achieve a probability control fairly flexible, but also the so-called 'God pumping' more rational and convincing.

That is, in theory, as a licensing ape is likely to interfere with God smoked. Analyzing the situation affecting the system and the next draw of the situation that may arise, it may trigger once for a card shuffling, which I think it is more appropriate and feasible intervention mechanism.

God pumped roughly divided into two kinds:

(1 targeted pumping God, the other under such a large entourage (Hou Hou hey hey hey! Para crackling, our God pumping a solution of the corresponding cards (I find their prey it! The system has the capacity to both sides of the associated program card case, acting on God smoked or opposite called kill (the enemy 14 blood set in hand, our God smoked reply cards (as well as the old lady Jackson, the system may be determined at this time underdogs defeated in the next round to improve pumped his chance to reply or sarcastic. At the moment, I recalled the 'target blue baby dragon!' story.

So if the pumping system in order to realize God, we must first determine whether the current card God be pumping, pumping system determines timing of God is also difficult to solve, namely each other under a large entourage when the group targeted single card solution can be considered God draw, beheaded injury card / card back to the blood under certain conditions, can also serve as God draw, these are universal cards of all groups are likely to encounter, in this context, the program can be judged.

(2 god card group draw relevant premise need to determine the card group. If the player's card group is identified as the Buddha riding a six bout fee if the players do not have the mysterious challenger, a need that is how God pumped round the system judgment card groups? after the environment is relatively stable and strong card group will form a relatively fixed template, but with typical key cards station characteristics, after all, a lot of molding card group is also fine-tuning, and here I think by default some templates in the system, then retrieve the key card to determine the card group. after the determination, the typical pumping God is not in the hands of key cards, God pumping mechanism to trigger the corresponding fee bout, 6 fee incarnations of Buddha riding, slave laborers triple war, speed of 567 hunting brother burst the most common and similar common situation is:. 'Why can always rival 7 fee bang on time?!'

Mechanism to form a group identification card by card retrieval: such as the Buddha card group and mystery, the basic can be identified as the Buddha riding with a lot of magic and Gadgetzan thieves, thieves can be considered a miracle, of course, there can be Some of the more intelligent set of features as an index card, but mainly the key card.

At present the official has been some distinctive features of the card template set. If the player's card combination coincides with a key card and also more complete, it can be identified. Know the deck naturally know the core of the group's license card, such as Gadgetzan, such as ice red dragon refrigerator, such as Renault universe card group. so the second group of related card draw God through deck 'predefined' this system allows players to turn the key in a higher probability time able to get the key cards (of course there may be able to get ahead, can be achieved setting.

God alone pumping pumping ghost, 'licensing ape malicious' really exist? At some point, the operation of this mechanism will be the contrary, in a certain probability to stop pumping your God? I think it is achievable. also in the next judged pumping can significantly reverse the situation when there is a certain probability of triggering the re-shuffle, the situation will not allow instant imbalance, or make the situation even more crashes. for straight players, has come to be malicious.

Overall, through some mechanism to facilitate pumping of God occurred, and control the probability of occurrence of pumping God, can be achieved, but there are limitations, mainly reflected in the card must identify the group, but also pre-set conditions. For example , assume that the system does not know there is such a card thief bust group, it will not know at what time God be able to get the bust fish sauce, then the whole logic can not be executed.

Maybe a lot of players playing Landlords had already started on the network to the network card game of 'randomness' produced a question, after a long period of other card game that allows players to experience some of their own playing and usually not the same at home experience, though there may be 'selective memory' (ie, the situation God smoked impressive feel very much occurrences such factors affect you and God draw suspicion, but eventually need statistics to prove. Since I did not temporary big data resources related unable to prove this hypothesis by a large sample of random sampling, etc., but if statistics such as 'the probability of Buddha 6 bother whether pumping higher than the theoretical value' of such a case, there is a chance to prove or evidence pseudo.

One last question, what in the end the licensing ape attempt?! What action is the basis or starting point for licensing ape is it? Personally think that through this mechanism led to a reversal or a specific god pumping combo to improve the game's dramatic and fun, but may take into account the balance between what players winning percentage, such as novice players, you can draw on God to give more care, increase their chances of winning the competition with the master's. Get a little extra to the novice, so one-sided game situation occurrence probability decreases while being able to extend a game of war time, increase the game fun but also enhance the player's viscosity. God probability of triggering smoked as mentioned above can be flexibly preset control, to achieve a suitable indicator to let the players feel, 'this is really God is pumping, '' luck, really good ', then the player will be relatively easy to ignore or accept the appropriate intervention. of course, this is a hypothesis, the process of the game in this setting to adjust the dynamic balance is also possible.

If the dealer ape really exist, so he is just to let everyone get more fun gaming experience, while also appropriately take care of the lower level of the players, conscience greatly! Appeal to this: If the dealer apes appeared, promise not to kill him!

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Traditional Chinese: 神抽or鬼抽 爐石中的發牌員真的存在嗎?

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