30 years of research show that cell phone radiation does not cause brain cancer

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30 years of research show that cell phone radiation does not cause brain cancer

There are 'controversial' findings suggest that between the use of mobile phones and malignant brain tumor potential link, some experts hope that long-term studies to prove that mobile phones and other mobile devices did not threaten to calm people panic.

However, a recent study published in Cancer Epidemiology << >> magazine has reignited debate this study does prove: in Australia 30 years of research, the phone does not have the slightest effect on the rise in the incidence of brain tumors.

The study found that between 1982 and 2013, in addition to 70-84 years old, any other age group, the incidence of brain tumors did not rise. Even people 70-84 years of age the incidence but also dates back to 1982, then there are five years away from the use of mobile phones.

According << >> Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, say the authors of this increased incidence of older Australians is caused by improved diagnostic tests. In the case of Australia's mobile phone penetration rate is now 90%, the researchers did not find the phone increased frequency of use and the incidence of brain tumors have any contact.

As study leader, University of Sydney Emeritus Professor of Public Health Simon? Chapman, contact elaborated affect nearly 20,000 men and 14,000 women age and gender and his colleagues examined the risk of brain tumors for between , and the data in 29 years, the domestic mobile phone usage.

They found that, in addition to the phone has been used for 20 years, a majority of people, in people 20-84 years of age, the incidence of brain tumors that change with age in most women increased only a little, over the age of 30 female incidence is stable. However, the data show that these cases earlier than using the phone's time, but also probably because the improved magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance imaging produced.

Chapman's team also 'true incidence rates with the period can be predicted new cases (if the' Cell phones cause brain cancer, 'the assumption' made a comparison, he said, 'Here, we test model assumes from the phone to start using 10-year lag to brain tumor cases increased evidence. '

Through a hypothesis: mobile phones and other mobile devices may lead to a 50% incidence, they believe that if this assumption is true, in 2012, 1866 report will be disclosed.

Likewise, they used a second model, assuming that 150% of the rate of increase in frequent phone users or 2038 new cases. The actual data in both cases is 1435 cases.

Chapman said: 'We in Australia have a mobile phone in 1987 .90% of the population use mobile phones today, many of them 20 years ago people came into contact with a cell phone, but we did not find the phone and penetration. the rate of increase risk of brain tumors have the slightest relationship. '

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30 years of research show that cell phone radiation does not cause brain cancer

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Traditional Chinese: 30年的研究表明,手機輻射不會導致腦癌

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