Sandra recorded programs change the United States admit Chefs cook for love stunt

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'Comedy days' Sandra recently a guest to join Wong Cho Lam Ho Kyung, Jackson Wang hosted a variety show << food fresh drops through Sunday >>, PK 'Northeast god' Song Xiao Bao. The evening of May 22, this program official in Hunan TV broadcast the north-south comedy king, for the first time after the war kitchen, all sorts of problems, laugh fruit hilarious.

As we all know, Derek is not only holding the Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Bauhinia Award, Film Critics Society Awards and the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards, etc. 'N material actress' is also popular variety show host. She chaired Sparkle will star interviews << >> has created high ratings, and sparked heated debate on the network. However, in order to concentrate on his family, seven years ago, Sandra Ng quit television presiding over these years, viewers see Sandra Ng, is more, such as the mainland last year to 2.438 billion yuan more than 200 medals to break box office records through her fantasy film starring movie << >> Vampire Killers record, and 'box office dark horse' of the year 2015, the director of the comedy Dapeng pancake Man >> << sheet.

It is reported that there has always been a lot of variety shows Sandra heavily invited to join, but she chose << >> through fresh drops Sunday, on the one hand is the kind invitation Kyung Ho and program groups, on the other hand, the program 'Food + games 'the content in the mainland screen is quite unique. But, Sandra did not expect collaboration between the screen and Wong Cho Lam, the first gourmet partner do not cook Wong Cho Lam all sorts of problems. in the' kitchen adventure 'link, Sandra Ng remote 'kitchen white' Wong Cho Lam production of 'beautiful fried steak, pasta pretty sexy.' program group within the specified period of 20 minutes, Wong Cho Lam rush, only steak VIPs get thumbs up, Sandra finally cook counter-attack, not only made a perfect steak, fried steak is also on-site to share tips.

Sandra funny said he basically does not cook past, 'my only reason for cooking is a purpose. For example, saw a diamond ring.' But since her daughter was born, she began to go and procurement markets, making for children at home food. over time, Sandra Ng also reserves very rich cuisine experience. for example, 'do not usually marinated steak, marinated not good', another example, 'give the child to eat meat usually use a cafe with meat. because the cafe with cheap meat, not fat. '

She is also a live demonstration of orange peel secret - first with a knife on the cutting shallow orange peel, then spoon knife slowly along the seam of orange scratch, and finally a full skinless orange 'orange peel can be wrapped with gauze, put the tub, bath, body very fragrant. 'Sandra said with a smile. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 吳君如錄節目變美廚神 自曝為愛下廚絕技

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