Mayans cultural discourse defender create global tourism demonstration area of the new map

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Mayans carved sand water scenery and cultural Discourse

'Area is growing, attractions and more beautiful ......' in the 'accent' praise the sound, Zhongwei Tourism Day holiday cashing in abundance - 201,000 tourists trips, total tourism income of 160 million yuan Zhongwei seize new opportunities building global tourism demonstration area, comprehensive, high starting point of the new map depicting unique tourism, opened the 'livable desert tours and national tourist destination city' construction curtain.

Ningxia as the country's only global city tourism demonstration area, Zhongwei accordance with the 'nature-based, root characteristics, culture is the soul,' the idea to build the core of Shapotou area, Zhongning, Haiyuan for the two wings, the Yellow River tourism and leisure zone , experience with multicultural and ecological landscape with 'three zones' in the desert resort area of wetlands, the city produced Shapotou trip fusion zone, rather wolfberry cultural experience area and display area for the Haiyuan return home style 'four areas' tourism pattern, and strive to create the desert, the Yellow River, urban, rural and leisure agriculture tourism sector five. around development goals, focusing on the implementation Zhongwei resorts upgrading expansion project, high standard construction Shapotou new tourist town, so this area will be 3000 acres, set sand museums, food street, neighborhood characteristics and culture is one of the 'arch' town, tourists become a major east west portal, the implementation of Shapotou eastward expansion, the West extension, south across the north jump engineering, widening space architecture. in doing Sands Island garden on the basis of the five existing building lily garden, tulip garden, increasing the spring plate, elongated viewing time increased themed hotel Tinglang Court station building cultural landscape sculpture and strive 2016 Shapotou area, the Tengger wetland Sands resort island among the national ranks, 2017 Sikouzi, gaomiao enter the ranks of 4A level scenic spots, desert style garden, photovoltaic technology sightseeing garden, Han barracks, Heaven Lake, boat tower mu wolfberry 3A level scenic sightseeing garden into the ranks.

This year, Zhongwei City started embodiment comprises gaomiao historical and cultural district, along the Yellow River ecological landscape, including 12 billion yuan global tourism project in the next three years, will co-ordinate defender nearly 200 billion yuan of funds, the implementation of the global tourism projects 46 to make Shapotou area do films, made in the County line, do the whole domain Haiyuan County tourism construction brilliant point. By 2018, the city can accommodate 38 million tourists, tourism revenue will reach 7.5 billion yuan. (reporter Feng Tao Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 細琢文化篇章 中衛打造全域旅遊示範區新版圖

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