Hangjinhouqi 180 Inland Revenue Department tax Dry Lake Walk

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 183

Recently, Hangjinhouqi Local Taxation Bureau organized health walks around the lake, the Global 180 tax dryness in Run-up Lake experience a green and healthy trip.

7:20 that morning, after the Inland Revenue Department 180 tax Hang Dry Run-up to the lake sailing Square began Lake Walk. Activity, all dressed in light duty dry sportswear, song and laughter all the way. The long walk Although some difficulty walking, but we enthusiasm, enjoying the movement to bring joy in beauty.

'The collective activities not only exercise the body, but also enhance the cohesion of the people, that they should engage in more such activities!' Has just completed a trip around the lake tax dry she said excitedly.

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Traditional Chinese: 杭錦後旗地稅局 180名稅幹環湖健步行

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