Life is a growing inventory of high school marathon twelve Academicians

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'Primary vague impression, the impression is not deep universities, with the exception of high school left indelible memories in my life. I was to do something, and to lay the foundation inseparable in high school.' Chinese Academy of Engineering Luo Xiwen had affection He recalls his scientific sail origin.

Embrace youth, high school life of passion and dreams in the end should be how to spend? As China has the highest academic title of academician in science and technology group, their 'learning Cheats', the story of the growth process and dream for young people today is undoubtedly a Mirroring .

To this end, the reporter in Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hefei, more continuous look for the 12 academicians and recently launched the book << >> academician school days in inventory, trying to salvage some memory can not be copied, restore academician green years, Pursues picture they grow, cultivate talents to crack the code.

'They are the shining stars in the sky.' Fu Zhenbang CYL Central Committee secretary for the high school << Academician >> Recommend a book preface.

Looking back academicians growth path, reporters found that they are the scientific community crown jewel of forging, and also ordinary people around us, they have educational family's son, there are village farmers offspring, they have famous boy 'study Pa, 'there are the college entrance examination (microblogging) get the job rise, they used to love to read Dragon << >>, << China now also chasing good sound ...... >> the key is their accumulation of high school to Accumulate lies.

In an interview, academicians more than once publicly stated: 'School is the best time of life.'

'Life is a marathon growth'

'Do not lose at the starting line' philosophy of education today is countless parents (microblogging) and regarded as a model teacher.

However, the reporter interviewed academicians expressed a different point of view.

Yang Le Academy has calculated that an account: graduate school to become a specialized personnel, about 8 to 10 years to go through the effort, if you graduate from high school date, four-year undergraduate, master's doctoral 6 years or so, add up almost 20 years.

After years of reading, Yang Le emotion, 'trying for months or six months, many young people can do, but 20 years of struggle, during which the body is facing, family, marriage and other numerous tests, not an ideal support, no ambitions. difficult to achieve. '

'Is learning to become a long process, must be mentally prepared for long-term efforts, there must be hard-working spirit. Not just a period of struggle, but like running a marathon, perseverance and progress, to improve their level.' Yang Le Academician phrase, growth and success not only run fast, but also to run away, success is never an easy thing.

Theorem Junior determined must take the name with a Chinese person's name written on the next math book, 20 years later, Yang Le and colleagues Zhang thick outcome is internationally known as 'Yang - Zhang theorem', high school, Yang Le in the book cover scribbled 'Branch' word, and now with the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been together for half a century.

The mathematical everyone with his life for this 'growing marathon,' wrote the best footnote.

Count 12 academicians of high school, they will need a metaphor for the life endurance, perseverance marathon, the interests, ideals and uphold as the engine of this long-distance running, it is a big reason they eventually accomplished.

Over seventy years old, it becomes an institution century Wuhan University (microblogging) only one female academician Zhang Lina, with their own interpretation of life experiences marathon connotation.

Young, confined to family reasons, she could not wholeheartedly devoted to research, only 46 years old 'halfway decent' to start scientific research in the true sense.

From a flask, a test tube to create a world-class research laboratories, 'late bloomer' Zhang Lina with the world's first low-temperature aqueous solvent a magical 'secret', the US Chemical Society Anselm Payne Award, a half century received the award since the first Chinese people.

17 years old, Zheng Yongfei the podium and began a two-year coaching rural life. In 1977, the official reopening ZHENG YongFei and 'Laosanjie' the same stage, unfortunately, get the job.

He had lost, he still has doubts whether the test was on, but he still chose to fight again next year and eventually entered the Nanjing University (microblogging) door.

November 2009, the 50th birthday just past scientists are hard at research laboratories continue at hand, Chinese Academy of Sciences elected news of him becoming the youngest elected academician.

Private teachers do the same period, some people go to college together, it was spent playing cards, and after years of gathering, private teachers is still a village, people lament the fate and persistence of perverse power.

'Diligence is more important than talent.'

In the eyes of the outside world, it is a Fellow with mysterious elite group, is secular in the eyes of 'genius' figure.

However, throughout the reporter interviewed the 12 academicians of struggle, they are not without relying on hard work, indomitable fighting spirit of the future.

Small mountain village of poor children, the growth of China 'prestressed master, 'Zhitao academicians believe, talent and success by three magic: talent, hard work and opportunity.

He had been aware that he is not a genius, but by virtue of the ninety-nine percent perspiration to go today.

Initially, Zhitao foreign language classes to learn English, the university, the school switched to Russian. Russian class only two students never touched, Zhitao is one, even the 33 Russian letters do not know. The total Russian teacher is a question Zhitao, he cried for this nose.

From then on, he was holding almost daily Russian dictionary, keywords drawn in red on the back, expand your vocabulary and knowledge Russian dictionary .100 with multiple pages, he repeatedly look. Graduate, Zhitao reading Russian literature on Chinese literature and speed as fast.

Was hailed as the 'father of the world oilseed rape,' the TD Fu Academy is in the field office, growing in the fields.

Before Discovery 'Pol male sterile' rape, TD Fu has undergone numerous tests, one by one ruled out dozens of rapeseed trees. When working, he often run headlong into a meal and farm gold yellow field of rape, 'look east, look west, to see if there is no male sterile Brassica napus.'

'In order not to let his dream sleep', had only a year and a half of high school academician Yang Huanming, in 'Down to the Countryside' campaign, and looked for the book, and people for the book, each reading a swap immediately and others in doing private teacher gap, self-finished Huanming English, mathematics, physics entire course at the beginning of high school, the county could find all the books read times.

And then he was sharing a room workers has emotion, 'he said this good back 30 English words every day, it must be done!'

So far, the world's leading genome scientists also holds more than 30 per day reading literature diet, always stand in the forefront of scientific research.

'Free education elite can only grow.'

12 academicians in an interview, 'Qian of the question,' is a topic that has been repeatedly mentioned. Freedom relaxed atmosphere, individualized approach is far academicians obsession 'elite education' mode.

Academician Wang Yuan Hua Junior High School teacher exam (microblogging) test, often preferential treatment by the teacher: 'You go play, today's exam questions are too easy, and you do the exam.'

Who has served as Chairman of the China Mathematical Olympiad Committee 10 years of great mathematician opinion, with the popularization of compulsory education, China's 'No Child Left Behind' doing better and better, able to enter the number of schools far beyond their year of that era, but the 'individualized' not enough, 'must recognize the difference between the wisdom of allowing the elite come to the fore.'

'Confucius 3,000 men, only seventy-two sage, that is 100 people, only 2.4 personal excellence is the need to be individualized.' Wang Yuan introduced Western countries attach importance to education excellence, because the benefit of the country, focusing on innovation depends on excellence.

And our culture of excellence for inadequate attention to 7-year-old children, some only four-year-old intelligence, some very early revealed a strong talent. A step by step class school system and examination system of talent is a species barriers, 'like wearing the same clothes, eat the same meals, read the same books, to march into them, only to fall behind in line, good student talent was strangled off.'

Professor of mathematics at Columbia University, has studied Wang Shou-Wu Zhang Yuan, at that time, Wang Yuan that their field of study classical analytic number theory no way out at all, but fancy Shou-Wu Zhang diligence and understanding, encourage him free to choose the direction.

Master's thesis at the Shou-Wu Zhang, Wang Yuan after the completion of its reply, said: 'We do not know what you're talking about, did not understand a word, but considering that you have long come to the office every day, very hard, the master degree will give you the future you can not Mongolia. '

So far, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences new division often glad to have such a teacher to give their full confidence, given yourself enough free space.

'Snow white deer shot and groaning, laughing leaning book God Xia Bi mandarin duck,' Ouyang Ziyuan, academician of Jin Yong's books familiar.

This is known as 'the father of Chang E,' the celestial chemistry and geochemist, without denying that he is 'Jinyong Mi', in his eyes, to see the high school field of the book, is a free era, 'Frankly I have a lot of things from the inside of Jin Yong's novels know. '

Small to accept the influence of the art of Qi Kang Yuanshi, admitted that 'scientists should understand art.' In high school, playing the piano, reading novels, learn to draw experience for his later creation of far-reaching. 'Today, education to teach people dead and 'rigid thinking of. we want to know how to train' transmission, transformation and innovation 'overall talent. 'he admits.

Speaking of the current secondary education, Qi Kang shook his head, and even said the three 'bad', 'Mr. Qian in his later years when speaking a word, 'China not cultivate talent', right in saying a person to fully develop, not dedicated only to learn lessons, so people want to 'suffocate off'. '

'National identity people indifferent Zhiyuan'

High school, Guo Guangcan bent forward to study, to learn, as to the future what to major in, what purpose, he did not know, 'At that time very simple, very silly.'

Looking back years later, Guo Guangcan that this simply is an advantage, 'I was only aware of the future with the knowledge to do great things, although I do not know what to do, but understand that this road is right.'

His fame can write for this footnote: while engaged in quantum information research, alone in the country of Guo Guangcan sat 10 years of 'bench', in the end, the team has reaped first presented at the international principles of quantum probability clone award.

In contact with the younger generation, Guo Guangcan found a phenomenon: Many high school students a lot of knowledge, thinking has become complicated, to do anything with the purpose, 'a very strong motivation to participate in the school summer camps are able to get what the fuss before deciding whether participate, the concept of parents want their children to transfer are also playing the piano, learning to sing, future fame. '

He understood the suffering of young people today, he then knew only one way to go, we can concentrate, 'Today's young people have not return my day, sometimes not to say that he did not want efforts, but their eyes can choose too much, and too easily confused, you want to have a harvest in every way, the results of a distraction, but also stifle talent. '

'Give me 10 years, I can continue to move forward.' Is over seventy years of age Guo Guangcan hope that today's high school students can abandon utilitarian and distractions, do not stop progress and explore a person, the real value of life - the value of peoples and nations.

The fate of the ups and downs of the major choices and national academicians lifetime companions, national identity people indifferent Zhiyuan.

In 1952, Ouyang participated in the first entrance after the founding of New China. Completing the volunteer, the family wanted him to study medicine, he wanted to learn astronomy, but then the state should develop heavy industry, and the development of heavy industry will need to find mineral resources, therefore, to 'wake up sleepy mountain to find endless treasures' became the slogan of the most exciting.

Ouyang excellent results have also been impressed by the slogan, so the first voluntary reporting of the Beijing Institute of Geology.

In 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first in human history artificial Earth satellite. Deposit was pursuing postgraduate Ouyang acutely aware of, although the new Chinese have not been able to carry out space exploration activities, but someone has to think these problems China .

Since then, the research vision to Ouyang outside the Earth, and go all out from the beginning of 1995 in lunar research, scientists have finally become one of China's top lunar exploration project. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 人生成長是馬拉松 盤點十二位院士的中學時代

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