Zhongshan: Chrysanthemum Xiaolan Cultural Park named among the "2016 National tourism projects preferred list"

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Recently, the National Tourism Administration in its official website announced the '2016 National tourism projects preferred list.' Zhongshan's 'Chrysanthemum Culture Park' on the list is the only list of Zhongshan tourism projects.

It is understood that the National Tourism Administration and the State Development Bank and other 10 banks, by considering the maturity of the project, the starting conditions, market prospects, leading exemplary and leading role, co-organized the selection of the expert 747 tourism projects, identified as << 2016 National preferably List >> tourism projects, including Guangdong, there are 28 projects selected.

Cultural Park Chrysanthemum Xiaolan Town, located in Tai Wai Shun Fuxing paragraph Diwai (formerly Fuxing refinery, covers an area of 600 acres, was established in Xiaolan Town party committee and government focus on the construction of a cultural and ecological livelihood projects, plans to invest $ 500 million. following the 2014 success in Xiaolan chrysanthemum chrysanthemum cultural Park, daisy garden chrysanthemums continue to be this year's exhibition will. according to the preliminary plan, this year will be to commemorate the 150th anniversary of chrysanthemum Elvis's birthday theme exhibition area about 350 acres, a total of 13 Ju Yi landscape scene group, 26 landscaping, Sun Yat-sen's life will be a number of important moments and places to reproduce. exhibition hall will be located built resorts, flowers district, boutique galleries, cultural exhibition, lighting 5 large exhibition display area, as well as the benefits from the project Ju City exhibition hall, exhibition hall and other famous poem painting and calligraphy exhibition hall seven future, there will be a drive north of Zhongshan business, livable, upgrading tourism core area.

Zhongshan: Xiaolan Cultural Park Chrysanthemum finalists << 2016 National preferably List >> Tourism Projects

Xiaolan Juzhan

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Traditional Chinese: 中山:小欖菊花文化園入圍《2016年全國優選旅遊項目名錄》

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