Please accept my knees! Great God folk play Steam games with PS4

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 395
Great God folk play Steam games with PS4

To install the computer system must have all done it, but a lot of geeks on the high-end players studies, so there is the following story PS4 installed the system, and it seems there is a kind of mold.

Run Steam with PS4 game:

The player is called OsirisX not only to PS4 installed on Linux, also successfully run Steam, and play a bit << >> fortress, in fact, most of the games can be run according to OsirisX said at low quality. To to get a 'Linux PS4', you need a 1.76 version of PS4, run the jailbreak jailbreak software to complete the installation. he uses a lightweight compact ARCH Linux systems, and to compile a variety of drivers. Since the adoption of the X86 PS4 architecture, and PC have similarities, so successfully installed PS4 performance is very good.

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Traditional Chinese: 請收下我的膝蓋!民間大神用PS4玩Steam遊戲

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