Lijiang promote tourism products in Beijing

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Lijiang promote tourism products in Beijing

2016-05-23 Source: Spring City Evening News

Take the first World Development Conference tourism and Beijing International Tourism Expo east, Lijiang tourism promotion delegations to carry out 'to live for some time in Lijiang' tourism product promotion activities on the 20th in Beijing, the 'rain Liufang, fantasy Lijiang, the essence of heaven and earth, large beautiful River, 'the tourism and leisure products to promote travel to Beijing, Tianjin area merchants and the general public capital.

Lijiang promote tourism products in Beijing

Sector representatives from Lijiang City Tourism Development Committee, the Authority to protect the ancient city of Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain CMC, CMC Lugu Lake in Lijiang, Lijiang Laojun Mountain National Park Authority and the enterprise, introduction Lijiang colorful ethnic culture, natural tourism resources, promote wisdom of travel, Lijiang rose town on foot leisure, free exercise of Lijiang and a number of emerging with strong attractive golden leisure tourism routes and products.

Lijiang promote tourism products in Beijing

The promotion activities has been the strong support of Beijing Tourism Development Committee.

It is understood that during the Beijing International Tourism Expo, Lijiang tourism promotion delegation will also to ethnic dance performances, issuing tourist product brochures, videos and other forms of play, continue to publicize and promote the Lijiang tours and products.

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