Major projects focused on signing certification Licensing

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May 20 morning, the 2016 China International Trade Fair, Qidong certification Licensing of major projects and focus on signing ceremony was held at Universal Bosheng Hotel Bosheng hall. City leaders Xu Feng, Huang Weifeng, Gu Yunfeng, Tang Xiong, Jiang Ping, Cindy Zhao M M, Gongxin Ming, Zhu Zhiqiang, Zhang Jianxin, attended the signing ceremony. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor wang Kai presided over the signing ceremony.

First, city leaders to a surplus of Architecture & Technology Co., Ltd. Qidong, Qidong Haiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd., Qidong VII Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Qidong Carnival leisure agriculture, Ltd East Qidong, Jiangsu Jie Machinery Co., Ltd., Nantong Jun ground Tourism development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hongxin ship parts manufacturing Co. Qidong, Qidong in Le amusement manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Surui Ya investment Co., Ltd., 20 companies issued a business license.

36 projects were focused on signing them, funded 18 projects with a total investment of 8.6 billion yuan, 15 foreign investment projects with a total investment of 1.966 billion US dollars investment in the largest capital project is 'new building materials production base project,' Central new house Group Ltd. and Qidong Municipal people's Government signed a total investment of 3.0 billion, the largest foreign investment project is 'PHA biodegradable resin production project', by the Singapore-billion company with Lusi Port economic Development Zone signed a total investment of 8.5 billion. At the same time, Qidong City people's Government and the Shanghai Science and technology development Center signed a 'strategic cooperation agreement collaborative innovation', Qidong City people's Government and the Ministry of Industry and SME development Promotion Center, South Korea and the Association signed the 'China-ROK (SMEs Qidong international cooperation zone memorandum ', Nantong Second construction Group and a new house Group signed a' strategic cooperation agreement. '

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