8 TFBOYS according to Wang Yuan sun sports run in the examination close Fans Get Care

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 369
Wang Yuan microblogging screenshots.
Wang Yuan microblogging screenshots.

Yesterday, near the entrance examination (microblogging) Update microblogging, drying out of three spare himself on a treadmill sweating photos, show the image of the movement of the sun.

Wang Yuan also microblogging said, 'even if no matter how busy have to review the motion and a half hours to relax, learn and exercise combined is still very good.' This time the move work and rest, attracted many fans have said they have added running the ranks, to develop good health habits.


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Traditional Chinese: 8 TFBOYS王源曬運動跑步照 中考臨近粉絲送關懷

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