"Walking City" looking for traces of old Shanghai

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 190

2016 Citizen Culture Festival 'Shanghai Local Culture Exhibition' has already started, Shanghai districts and counties will be based on local cultural characteristics of the region, through public solicitation, Internet voting, etc., named this district 'Ten local cultural symbols.' As Xuhui District try to find a local culture, they organized a 'walking city' activities.

May 21 by a walk in the city's independent explorer Dongxiong Fei, led a group with a group of people, along the 'Hengshan - High On Road - Kangping Road - Wanping Road - Huaihai Road - Road Wukang' Xuhui District, the most essential areas through , looking for traces of old Shanghai.

It is reported that the 'Shanghai Local Culture Exhibition' and wishing to discover more about the local culture Shanghai story, long-term accumulation in the city and growing, with a strong local color things, refining and regional characteristics and cultural heritage of Shanghai reshape Shanghai 'local' culture.

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Traditional Chinese: “行走城市”尋覓老上海痕跡

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