SF Holdings proposed backdoor listing! Valuation Shentong and tact sum is higher than the 43.3 billion

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SF Holdings proposed backdoor listing! Valuation Shentong and tact sum is higher than the 43.3 billion

Every time there was correspondent Yu Qiang

Listed tide express industry came so fast! After the STO, tact Express have released backdoor programs, another giant SF domestic express industry will also make preparations listed in today (May 23 afternoon, Din Tai new material announcement, the proposed acquisition of 100% equity holding SF. wherein SF holding 100% equity valuation of up to 43.3 billion yuan.

Every time there was investment Po (micro-channel public number: mjtzb2 noted, SF Holdings overwhelmed valuation up to 43.3 billion yuan, STO than before the backdoor listing of tact and also sum up the valuation of nearly nine billion yuan for Aidi Xi. after the resumption of the word plate 13 amazing performance, Din Tai new material after the resumption of trading shares how to behave concern.

SF 43.3 billion backdoor

Din Tai new material, according to today's midday announcement, the equivalent part of the 100% stake in the holding company intends to SF all of the assets and liabilities held by all shareholders holding SF replacement. Transactions intended to set out the preliminary price of assets of 800 million yuan, to be set the initial price of 43.3 billion yuan of assets, the difference in part by the company by the issue of shares from the controlling shareholders SF purchase.

It is worth mentioning that in December 31, 2015 as the base date, trading assets to be purchased SF holding 100% stake in the estimated value of 44.8 billion yuan. Since May 3, 2016 SF controlling shareholder meeting resolutions in cash dividend 1.5 billion. the initial price of 100% stake in SF holding 433 million. in addition, under the program, the transaction matching the total funds to be raised no more than 8 billion yuan.

It is noteworthy that, irrespective of the financing supporting factors, after the transaction is completed, Wang Wei control Matilda Holdings will hold 64.58% of the company's total share capital. Matilda Holdings will become the controlling shareholder of the Company, Wang Wei will become the company The actual controller.

Statistics show that 2015 operating income of SF Holding 47.3 billion, net profit of 1.62 billion yuan of non-deduction, 38.2 billion in 2014 revenue, net profit of 920 million yuan of non-deduction. However, commitment to performance, the performance of this Promiser after the implementation of major asset restructuring is completed, the SF Holdings in 2016 year 2017 year 2018 year to achieve the non-deduction of not less than 2.18 billion yuan net profit of 28 billion yuan and 3.48 billion yuan.

Shentong tact valuation exceeds the sum of

In fact, for SF listed, the market has long been expected this year in February, the official media published a SF in an announcement, acknowledged that the company is currently receiving counseling listing announcement shows that SF Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. intends to domestic securities market initial public offering and listing, currently undergoing CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd., Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. counseling.

However, according to the aforementioned announcement, SF Holdings will choose to visit the capital market through IPO, but faced a backdoor opponents have chosen this shortcut, apparently SF also sit still, also chose backdoor listing. It is noteworthy that, as one of the industry leader, SF holding high valuations comparable Shentong tact and valuations more.

December 2, 2015, Aidi Xi announcement, the company intends to set out the disclosure of all assets, liabilities, into STO 100% stake, of which 16.9 billion price. Thereafter, March 23, 2016, Yang Creation restructuring plan released that, to be a major asset through sale, issue shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and other transactions, there appeared set all of the assets and liabilities, Yuantong Express to achieve backdoor listing, which is the overall price of 175 million yuan.

So far, the express industry market surges officially opened the curtain. Then after the preceding two giants released backdoor programs, Aidi Xi and Yang Creation share price performance then? After the resumption, Aidi Xi is not even pull 13 word board, , Aidi Xi is not crazy after resumption Dayang creation, harvesting only five daily limit.

Every time there was investment Po (micro-channel public number:. Mjtzb2 noted, if only from a valuation point of view backdoor programs, SF Holding 43.3 billion yuan more than the sum of the valuation STO tact courier and then as the industry 8.9 billion yuan Big Mac SF Holdings overwhelmed backdoor Din Tai new material, we can have a few of its daily limit after the resumption of trading it? Din Tai new material from the current market value of only 3.24 billion yuan, and today at noon SF Holdings backdoor listing after the news came out, logistics sector had been a marked reaction of press time reporter, Aidi Xi rose 5.65 percent, Dayang creation rose more than 9%.

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Traditional Chinese: 順豐控股擬借殼上市!估值433億比申通和圓通總和還高

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