Showtime travel consultant, make a better return journey

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As people's living standards improve and the popularity of mobile Internet, the tourism market continues to heat up, a variety of innovative models of tourism are endless ......

Traditional fixed line, organizing model has been unable to meet people's needs, travelers need is more interactive experience, under this background demand, a kind of social relations as the medium of new tourism model was born - Travel Consultants - from the traveler's perspective, the most convenient and the most interesting, most tender way, so travelers feel with a temperature of spiritual journey.

Exclusive of the more popular tourist expectations

With the increasingly diverse travel needs of tourists are no longer satisfied with a tour group of modeling, no longer like the 'keeping up' guides the footsteps of people are more like old friends need is a general 'tourism experts' can provide more than a 'softened' travel in recent years, booming OTA (online travel) to parity, convenient, rich products such advantages, as more and more people booking travel choice. However, OTA is more concerned about tourists Book ahead, row, row after service is under-performing.

In order to meet people's expectations as well as a wide range of travel needs for a unique journey, but also to the front row, row, row after all bring visitors feel more intimate service, Showtime and travel consultants have emerged more than a year of operations users have been rave reviews.

Showtime exclusive travel consultants focus on providing quality services for tourists, enhance the travel experience, to save time, money, and effort to make visitors long way to fly 'Travel + Life' steward. Based on communication with tourists, travel consultants will visitors choose from the platform more than 200 million tourist products in the most suitable, of course, also possible to design the exclusive itinerary on demand. departure time, number of days, as well as itinerary, your room, food form and so on through communication between both sides to get the maximum optimization. in addition, if a problem occurs during travel, travel consultants will also help coordinate and solve problems. all this only through travel consultant Showtime App, the most suitable binding exclusive 'tour of small butler' to experience.

Travel more focus on user experience

This is the era of development, but also a new era, when people are constantly seeking to develop innovative, understand the user's inner needs attention the user experience is also essential.

Tourism as a service industry, its ultimate goal is to provide relaxation for visitors, tourists mainly based in the 'Internet +' in the background, can only be strengthened, not be ignored, because tourism is in fact more experience economy, it should be more people-oriented, user-centric.

CNTA Information Center deputy Ren Xinhong industry when it comes to the future development of tourism potential that the 'development of the tourism industry for so many years, what is most important to lay the foundation for future development is? There are not many hotels, many resorts, but we Tourism has become a culture of the 1.3 billion people living in a just, this is the most important reason for the development of tourism can stand up straight. '

Showtime tourism development consultant in constant pursuit of innovation, more care about is the user experience, the understanding of the needs of users, from the user's heart, so that users can enjoy the most comfortable, most unique, most reliable trip. Showtime travel consultant stressed the focus on user experience, allowing users to feel always been concerned about, is no longer 'sleep on the train, get off camera' boring fast-food travel, but stick with depth and attitude of quality experience.

If you have experienced travel consultant will love the exclusive services to your unique experience, which will bring a different feel travel consultant experience, this independent thinking, self-taste, favorite colors, unique theme the trip will bring you before the future satisfaction.

With travel consultants, travel no longer fly, but a real spiritual experience. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 欣欣旅遊顧問,讓旅途回歸美好

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