Marine equipment and marine market demand continues to increase in China Zhongwang grasp development opportunities

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As a strategic emerging industries, the development of marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry has been national attention, according to research firm Analysis, 2020 the world's marine engineering equipment and high-tech shipbuilding market demand of about $ 170 billion, by 2025 the market will demand increased to $ 260 billion. Aluminium is the construction of ships and offshore structures advanced materials, the rise of China's shipbuilding industry and strong, providing opportunities for the development of China Zhongwang, such as strength aluminum prices.

Marine engineering equipment to face the wind under extreme sea conditions, waves and currents impact, asking them not only to build the material resistant to seawater corrosion, but also pressure, but also need high strength and light weight aluminum, high mechanical properties, as well as corrosion and many other features to meet the marine equipment manufacturing production conditions.

And the use of steel or other materials to build ships compared to ships built using aluminum weight of 15% -20%, in the same strength steel, shipbuilding weight aluminum structure only 50% steel. Furthermore, aluminum alloy good corrosion resistance, can increase the life of the ship, forming process, and easy cutting, stamping and roll, shaping and cutting and other forms of processing, for streamlined hull, welding performance elastic modulus small, large capacity to absorb impact stress, greater safety, material and easy availability, recyclable, good low temperature performance, suitable for cryogenic equipment.

Some analysts believe that China's dependence on foreign oil higher, sustainable marine equipment favorable policies, the growth in investment in oil and gas development, marine industry strategic shift four strategic approach will promote the rapid development of marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry. Since the technical requirements are relatively high, and this will also bring development opportunities strength aluminum prices.

China Zhongwang is the world's second largest and Asia's largest industrial aluminum extrusion products developer and manufacturer, its Tianjin aluminum rolling project has entered the pre-production stage, the first production line will mainly produce aluminum plate, including marine, aviation transport plates and chemical containers aerospace, commercial vehicles, special vehicles and rail vehicles used in sheet metal, at present these products in China mainly relied on imports, after the commissioning of the plant in Tianjin Zhong Wang to make up the domestic high-end aluminum thick aluminum market gaps. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 海洋裝備及船舶市場需求持續增加 中國忠旺把握發展良機

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