Baidu closed down more than 3,000 literary paste it, must be determined to combat piracy?

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Baidu closed down more than 3,000 literary paste it, must be determined to combat piracy?

[Wang Xuan / titanium Media Editor] from yesterday night, a lot of literature Baidu Post Bar was banned today Baidu Post Bar issued a proclamation declaring Baidu Post Bar now on, will be in full swing inventory piracy action, sustained major efforts to infringing content troubleshoot rectify period. content piracy clearance operations carried out, paste it all literature directory will give batches temporarily closed.

Was temporarily closed to accept the inventory posted it not only Tomb notes << >> << >> Ghost Blows peer network literature class posted it, but also the Three Kingdoms << >> << >> << Ordinary World Hundred Years of Solitude and other foreign literature >> posted it. So far, more than 3,000 literary categories posted it was temporarily closed, Baidu said the follow-up which will be a comprehensive inventory of the contents of piracy, to be completed before the inventory is open to users.

Baidu Post Bar piracy long been criticized recently for 'the son-dt (Pirates Tie' incident is ignited.

End of April, media reported that the network writers 'Angry Banana' Flag paste it, paste it considered a violation of their intellectual property because in the Baidu search for his novel << >> uxorilocal husband, the recommended Baidu is called 'uxorilocal husband dt (Pirates tie 'posted it. this is an author without authorization, unauthorized theft, the son-published novel << >> related pay chapters posted it. and when you click into the novel of the same name,' the son-bar ' Baidu still prompts 'can go to the son-dt it (the son-fiction latest developments.'

When in 2011 the writer began to update the son-fiction << >>, there is 'the son-dt it' and posted it to steal its paid content. In 2013 Baidu search for 'the son-Bar', the system has automatically jump to 'the son-dt it.'

After a few years, once again in April this year after being exposed by the media, Baidu only made the announcement that will be immediately posted it pirated content troubleshoot treatment to remove content within 12 hours.

And this is only posted it a case of piracy, according to << Southern Metropolis Daily >> reported, most have a certain visibility of network novels, Baidu search title, Home will recommend it posted in the work, and the page also shows the latest chapter, and 'all sections', to facilitate the users click to enter. before the current Baidu novel Popularity total list of 50, and in the network to update the status of fiction altogether 31, and premium content are all posted it free updates. among them, the piracy rate most fast website from starting time is only 1 minute insider revealed, who is now the Pirates posts by software directly from legitimate Web site and in real time to crawl active chapters of the book.

After >> << Southern Metropolis Daily editorial commented that the original author update works, pirate party will follow in the first time, these moves rooted piracy groups and Baidu Post Bar inextricably linked operator: the pirated works of others Post bar, will be Baidu search official recommendation, the so-called piracy organization will 'meet regularly, and the payment of benefits,' while Baidu official in the professional bar main open call for commitment, the main bar 'commercial right to participate.' all the details outlined Baidu Post bar piracy path, make it difficult to believe that the relevant infringement just ordinary friends, bar owners posted it personal behavior, I am afraid that not only act as Baidu platform roles.

Baidu Post Bar outside the network disk and other network storage is a hotbed of pirated content, it has also been interrogated.

April 15, Sina microdisk announced June 30, 2016 shut down individual users free storage services, search services with immediate effect and gradually suspended until the end of the rectification and sharing within the station. In this regard, Sina representation is 'actively cooperate with the national authorities Jurisprudence undertaken, involving pirated content inventory work on the network disk, to clean up bad information centrally, close Sina microdisk search, sharing, until cleared. '

Network to the people to build a free resource utopia, people are increasingly accustomed to free access to online content, no place to go and let the copyright of the original works can not rely on copyright to give good returns, according to << Chinese Internet Literature Copyright Protection White Paper >> show 2014 online literature piracy caused a total loss of 7.77 billion yuan paid to read in 2015. Chinese online literature users of pirated computer watching the channel network novel, the forum posted it as high as 64.3%.

Free utopia has been completed, but piracy is more than a few times to close or change the inventory?

The following is the Baidu Post Bar Notice:

Dear Friends of the bar:

Baidu Post Bar has been committed to the protection of legitimate safeguard the interests of the original author in the past six months, the monthly average processing posted it online literature remove the offending links nearly 20,000, and actively with multiple platforms Copyright, co-authors. 8, 2015 until now, it posted platform stationed genuine network literature has reached nearly a thousand.

To increase genuine efforts to protect, maintain authorship rights, to the vast literature-loving bar friends to create a more formal exchange platform, Baidu Post Bar now on, will be in full swing inventory piracy action, sustained major efforts to infringing content troubleshoot rectification.

During the rectification content piracy actions undertaken, all posted literature directory batches it will give off temporarily. After closing, Baidu Post Bar will overhaul and inventory which piracy content.

Close this batch paste it reopening in the main bar area will notice, for this inconvenience to you, please understand, in order to meet the special rectification action against piracy network literature content, we also added two hair complaints stickers green channel: National report it and posted it once exposure station received a report, Baidu post bar will begin immediately after the inventory verified, we will remove the offending content within 12 hours.

Baidu Post Bar of infringing content on the platform has always adopted a 'zero tolerance' attitude, will continue efforts to expand the large inventory of infringing content rectification. Friends are welcome to jointly supervise it! While Baidu Post Bar, as the world's largest Chinese community, but also hope to have more genuine network literature stationed!

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Traditional Chinese: 百度關閉了3千多個文學類貼吧,要下決心打擊盜版了?

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