High and volatile stock index outbreak of new shares

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Legal Evening News (Reporter Pu Changting in early trading today, driven by the outbreak of the new shares, the stock index at a high level was a shock consolidation trend.

Today morning, the two cities opened slightly higher stock index reported 2826.31 points, or 0.03%, Shenzhen Component Index reported 9839.78 points, or 0.23%, entrepreneurship blackboard 2073 points, or 0.37%.

Rose Plate, time shares, the chemical industry, Development Zone front, ceramic industry, aircraft manufacturing fell forward.

Individual stocks, time shares usher limit tide outbreak, Suao sensing, Paramount and other stocks in the Golden Delicious strong electric driven. As of 10 am, Golden Delicious electrical, sensing Suao 10 stocks daily limit, Dehong shares rose more than 9 %, Paramount, Jiaao environmental gainers.

Market participants said the recent market situation Ruoshi shock and wheeled hot plate, in this context, the majority of time shares is an emerging growth stocks, with scarcity, in line with economic restructuring, industrial structure changes of main bull and therefore more susceptible to market sought after.

As of midday closing stock index reported 2840.27 points, or 0.52%, Shenzhen Component Index reported 9896.1 points, or 0.81 percent, the GEM index reported 2094.06 points, or 1.39%, the two cities more than 2100 stocks gains across the board.

Related News 'Strike Hard, director of' return to the SFC system

Last weekend, Wu Ching served as party secretary of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange nominated as chairman of the Council (vice-ministerial level). Gui Minjie due to his age no longer serve as party secretary of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, chairman positions. Third Council held the Shanghai Stock Exchange 65 meeting, in accordance with legal procedures for the election of Wu Qing, chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Council.

Public information, Wu Qing was born in 1965 has a doctorate in economics, served as Director of the Department of China Securities Regulatory Commission agency General Office, deputy director, deputy director of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Institutions Supervision Department, Director, Office of the risk management of securities companies Director of Fund supervision Department, Hongkou District Committee, vice mayor, mayor, District secretary.

During Wu Qing served as Director of risk, the Commission disposed of Southern Securities, MF Securities, 'Delong' illegal securities brokerage and other 31 companies, of which 26 companies push into the judicial bankruptcy proceedings, and the remaining five in other manner shut up, which is the industry known as the 'strike hard director', 'broker butcher.'

Upon successful completion of the risk management work of the securities industry, Wu Ching was transferred to the Commission in 2009, director of the Fund, strike hard 'Rat.' Within a year and a half Wu Qing, director of the fund term, four fund managers for 'mouse warehouse 'arrested, Zhang Ye facility where the original fund of fund managers' Rat 'case from filing to trial is completed in just 47 days.

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Traditional Chinese: 次新股爆發 滬指高位震蕩

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