2016 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival July 23 Liangshan curtain

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Lit torches in the summer in July, Liangshan will usher in a cultural tourism event --2016 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival. Reporters recently learned from the Tourism Bureau of Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival 2016 will be officially opened July 23 curtain.

Which lasted six days

Round display of great beauty Liangshan

It is reported that the current cultural tourism festival by the People's Government of Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Provincial People's Government Information Office, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau hosted the 'beautiful Sichuan Liangshan · · multicolored paradise' as the theme, attracted a wide range of community inside and outside the province and people of all nationalities all walks of life participation by the festival set up the stage, to promote the depth of integration of tourism and culture, showing enriched resources in Sichuan, beautiful mountains and rivers, ancient customs, rich culture.

The event will start from July 23, until July 28, which lasted six days, during which will be carried out in Sichuan Tourism Commodities Fair, a welcome theatrical performances, tours visits Liangshan Yi cultural torch carnival experience, Sichuan Muli Locke 900 in the core area of La special tourism project development forum eight main activities. in addition, the Sichuan Tourism commodities Fair, global Liangshan Tourism development Conference, Qionghai the sea Festival, 'through big Liangshan' build race cars and driving experience more than 20 activities supporting activities will also be carried out in succession.

During the Cultural Tourism Festival, also in Xichang City National customs Park, on the city square cultural activities organized by the masses, launched a series of festivals in Moon Bay, Seiryuji, Bay View, a small fishing village, about moonlight style town and township. Huili Puig BuTuo ZhaoJue ganluo Xide County will conduct Yi legacy archery bow, bull, fighting sheep, cock fighting, wrestling and other traditional folk sports activities and organize real original ecological folk song and dance performances, traditional folk cultural activities, active holiday atmosphere. colorful activities will better demonstrate Liangshan style, so that more people understand the great beauty Liangshan.

Highlight the 'Global tourism'

Liangshan tourism industry to create the first

It is understood that, 'China Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival' held since 2003, the festival has become one of the most influential in Sichuan in domestic and foreign tourism industry.

Active integration into the country 'along the way' development strategy, comprehensively promote the tourism economy and the construction of the world's tourist destinations, I state actively planning specific programs Culture Tourism Festival held .2016 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival is to highlight the me first state tourism industry positioning, in-depth implementation of the 'global tourism' development strategy, speed up an important measure to build a large tourism industry system. At the same time, also my state of tourism product diversification, services facilitation, fine management, international market, creating an ecological, sunlight, magic 'big Liangshan' global resort brand, an important starting point to accelerate tourism resources in the state's tourism economy strong across the state.

Since ancient times, Liangshan is an important channel leading to the southwest border, is the ancient 'Southern Silk Road' must pass through. Unique location and history, the achievements of Liangshan unique charm of the cultural backgrounds and tourism resources. Big Liangshan fire nation, song of paradise, ocean dance, unique deep cultural heritage is my state contractors culture and Tourism Festival connotation.

And unique tourism resources Culture and Tourism Festival is hosting the lung power. Liangshan is located in an important junction of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, at the heart of a large area of Shangri-La International Ecological Tourism Zone, is China Panxi sunshine holiday the core area, the distribution of 160 representative tourist attractions, natural and cultural landscapes across the country, with resource diversity, unique characteristics, Sichuan veritable tourist state, is Sichuan tourism potential lies.

Fully prepare

Attractions upgrading, speed improvement project

With a powerful host the 2016 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival, the state scenic spots, improve project has been full speed.

In addition to Qionghai Lu Shan, the lake, Luoji, Mountain, Huili Ancient City 5 AAAA level scenic spots, the Xichang Satellite Launch Base and other AAA-level scenic spots and other well-known scenic spots to improve the function of supporting the implementation is stepping outside, statewide and 11 counties, two new state-level departments will carry out tourism projects a total of 33.

Among them, the lead agency in Xichang City 10 major items of 18 children of tourism projects which include, town, etc. 3 Kikunami style town cultural tourism, and other three small fishing village cultural tourism resort base, Xichang International Conference Center 3 a conference center hotels, ecological and cultural tourism in Hainan Square two ethnic customs and cultural plaza WATER Park two urban ecological park and a visitor center - Lu Qiong scenic tourist service center construction area and so on, will create a batch Qionghai folk holiday inn, completed a number of municipal projects and old city reconstruction project, the introduction of a number of tourism brand entities.

Yanyuan, Muli ZhaoJue Pugh, Ningnan, Leibo, mianning, like Germany, Yuexi County will conduct male and female mountain AAAA level scenic spots, water projects Jinping Lake Reservoir, Valley Kade self-driving camp, Luoji town to build national character, Kay Lira spa driving camps and other new construction of scenic spots.

It is understood that, as of now most of the transform and upgrade project is expected before the text brigade Festival with tourist reception capacity, while the rest of the tourism promotion, the construction project is stepping up its implementation. (Reporter Qian Xu)

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Traditional Chinese: 2016四川國際文化旅遊節7月23日涼山啟幕

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