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Recently, known as 'China's foreign trade wind vane' of the 119th Canton Fair concluded. During the fair, the number of merchants and buyers has increased compared with the last wishes, Jiangbei firms should pick up the recovery trend of the market, and actively promote 'innovation and change 'the spirit of maintaining stability, reform and innovation, innovation through play cards, and other exhibition settings and layout optimization measures will be new, boutique to the world stage.

During the fair, exhibitors Jiangbei District 69, the total number of 122 booths, including 26 brand booth, exhibition products related to home, home appliances, home textiles, sports equipment, pet supplies. Jiangbei sub-group of people led by Ren Liping said the to Canton, obviously feel the market to pick up the atmosphere, regardless of turnout European and American businessmen, or businessmen under the single intention has improved than the previous. 'a most intuitive feeling is that previous Fair is opening the first few day more lively, a few days later merchants less, and in 2016, a few days after the scene is still very lively, to consult, under the single constant stream of customers. '

'Fair is the company to get to know foreign buyers, take orders for more, explore the international market is the most important place.' Ningbo Xin Xiang Zhang Ling Hung, head of household said she had just returned from northern Fair site, and merchants are busy for further docking . 2016 Fair, Cheung Yan home new product launches and more and more guests come to inquiries.

Xiang Xin home the main business gifts, home accessories and all kinds of candle products and daily necessities, products exported to Europe and high-end market, especially the Netherlands, France, Britain, Germany and the European market. 'Foreign businessmen have always been creative household products for demanding, so we only seize the trend nowadays, in order to win the favor of the guests. to this end, the company formed a strong design team of more than 10 professional designers constructed so as to improve creative products. 'Zhang Ling Hong said.

Fair trade has always been an important channel for enterprises. 2016 Fair, Cheung Yan home is prepared, in previous years, on the basis of four standard booths, but also leased four brand booths, although spend a lot of money, but the company said it was worth it. 'booth in the brand, and we furnished their own brand of style, so you can more quickly catch the attention of customers, facilitate transactions.' Zhang Ling Hong said, they still bought the pavilion next to the 700-square-meter 'off-site museum' exhibition put on display for the sample to facilitate businessmen come directly by sample transaction. Hard work pays off. compared to previous years, 2016 Xiang Xin home in the Canton Fair trade situation is more optimistic gratifying, in addition to the original old customers, but also to get to know a lot of new faces, they will become potential customers of the company.

During the fair, Meng Heng Ningbo Import and Export Co. rented nine booths, including three general booths and six brand booths. '2016 Fair Overall pretty good, the number of customers and a slight increase in orders of intent than in previous years.' the company responsible men manager said with a smile, the company since its inception in 1999, the Fair almost every year, the Fair called 'hardcore fans.'

Annual Canton Fair, MH will bring a lot of flagship products. 'Our company's main clothing materials, after so many years of operation, has a relatively complete industrial chain, fabric, thread, buttons and other clothing accessories has, a customer purchases the station will be able to get so many repeat customers. 'However, the Manager Ma admits that in recent years, with the rise in labor costs, as well as the foreign trade situation is not optimistic, the company is also actively innovation, through the' Substitution machine 'and other technological transformation, control production costs, while increasing innovation and attract new customers.

'During the fair, the number of merchants has significantly increased compared with the previous, point to foreign trade is getting better situation to some extent, it also increases the confidence of the majority of foreign trade enterprises.' Business Bureau official said that the next, Jiangbei District, foreign trade enterprises need to further improve foreign trade development quality and efficiency, the business sector will also actively encourage enterprises to use 'innovation' brand to develop the international market, encourage enterprises to optimization and enhance the 'quality, brand, technology, service' as the core competitiveness of foreign trade.

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Traditional Chinese: 江北外貿企業創新求變拓商機

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