Polymerization Skyworth, Hisense, Konka and other media resources, science and technology help feed Yo Olympic marketing real floor

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Polymerization Skyworth, Hisense, Konka and other media resources, science and technology help feed Yo Olympic marketing real floor

Olympic competition for resources, competition for smart TV into focus

With even the world's biggest sports event this year - Rio Olympic Games approaching, the various brands have begun to enter the Olympic competition for resources crazy, and then use the influence of the Olympic Games and tap market opportunities in addition to signing a huge Olympic Tuan team title CCTV. a conventional play, portals and other resources, the smart TV is switched-based resources, especially smart large screen advertising has become their brand has become the focus of competition.

Smart TV so favored its rapid development can not be separated completely. According to iResearch data show that in 2015 smart TV terminal sales will reach 35.568 million units, penetration reached 78.2%, an LCD flat-panel TV in almost 80% of smart . TV at the same time, according to research firm Digital TV Research predicts that China, as the largest television stock market, the number of Internet TV users is expected to exceed one hundred million in 2016, growth in the world's leading marketing technology company AdMaster data on the smart TV research data show: smart TV has a rate beyond the traditional TV, highly educated high-income and high consumption of young people are smart TV main groups. at the same time, content-rich smart TV prime compelling highlights, compared to the traditional TV, users watch TV an average duration significantly. clearly focus user coverage and content are the advantages of smart TV brand marketing concern for major advertisers, as long as the coverage of this big-screen smart TV, everything will be under control.

Polymerization smart TV resources, help the Olympic precision marketing

However, in China in order to cover all of the smart TV is not easy. In addition, Skyworth, Konka, Haier, TCL, Hisense, Changhong and other traditional domestic TV manufacturers, millet, music television, iQIYI dominated by TV and other Internet companies TV production brands meteoric rise, the current market situation is extremely confusing. Furthermore, according to the provisions of SARFT text 181, content and broadcast control smart TV and internet TV license must co-operate to build a platform. for advertisers, in order to integrate these Olympic marketing resources to make this 'cutting edge' extremely difficult.

Fortunately, China's leading smart TV advertising Hey Yo SCIENCE With the Olympic opportunity, effective integration of Skyworth, Hisense, Konka and other leading smart TV manufacturers and suppliers of Internet TV license number of China's media resources, so that advertisers use Smart TV Advertising expand Olympic marketing is possible. It is reported that the joint marketing, including advertising power and other 'gold resources' not only in terms of resources, but also include video content patch, suspended numerous advertising resources page advertising, sponsorship and other sectors. in addition, technology on will also be fully upgraded, help advertisers achieve the target population and matching accurate delivery and maximum value.

5 years Plough help smart large-screen advertising value of real floor

Sell themselves. It is reported that the feeding Yo Technology and Skyworth, Hisense, Konka, China joined forces to expand the number of ad networks, 'Standard King' strategy, wants to help advertisers achieve full coverage, strong impression of brand promotion strategy, the a policy been introduced by the many advertisers sought. According to sources, the Chrysler Group has during the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies that several major manufacturers of the boot screen resources into the bag, this Olympic marketing has become the biggest beneficiaries.

As China's smart TV advertising leader, Hey Yo technology has always advocated 'technology-oriented smart TV advertising driven, big-screen glamor to lead marketing ecological home.' After five years of deep secret agents, at the end of 2015, tens of millions of eligible A round of financing So far, Hey Yo Technology and Skyworth, Hisense, TCL, Changhong, Konka, Haier and other TV manufacturers reached a strategic cooperation, according to the 2015 full-year sales performance, Hey Yo technology has courage to take nearly 95% market share, accounting for the industry's absolute advantage in the market. up to now, Hey Yo technology has successively served the Chrysler Group, BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen, old Phoenix, Taikang Group and many other well-known companies, the industry's highly affirmed and recognized.

In Hey Yo technology CEO Tang Yang opinion, after years of precipitation, whether technology or the market, smart TV advertising has matured, its market value is gradually being recognized and accepted by the advertiser. Hey Yo hopes the aid of science and technology in Rio Olympics such an opportunity, with the major terminal manufacturers, operators to work together to establish a large-screen media a new benchmark for the industry, thus promoting smart TV advertising market really landing.

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