Entrance before eating four kinds of food to improve memory is a good helper

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College entrance examination is approaching, candidates exam nutrition is a lot of students and parents concerned about the topic. How to eat, what to eat in order to allow candidates to maintain energetic, full of energy? Does not appear to memory loss and other phenomena during the examination? In fact, these and nutritional intake closely. Maybe parents do not know, exam week exam day meals and meals are very different.

First, the deep-sea fish deep sea fish rich in rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially the type known as docosahexaenoic acid (ie, DHA) fatty acids, the brain essential substance that to maintain and improve memory helps a lot. of course, improve memory does not mean that the test day to eat deep-sea fish can effectively .DHA other freshwater fish and terrestrial organisms containing not more, is the most abundant deep-sea fish, such as salmon, tuna, saury and other, less teacher recommended we eat saury, fish oil rich in DHA, and the price is affordable.

Second, soy products. Exam days meals and test day there is a certain difference. Soy products rich in quality protein is an important exam need to add nutrients, amino acid composition ratio suitable absorbed by the body, the most important thing is beans products rich in protein plant protein, not a burden on the body. Therefore, the proposed candidates exam more intake of some soy products such as tofu, bean curd, tofu, yuba and so on.

Third, candidates should be fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C intake to keep fruits and vegetables, help to improve the use of VC brain of oxygen, so the brain to be excited, to avoid phenomena such as unresponsive; while VC can improve human immunity to prevent the occurrence of some diseases; fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber can improve gastrointestinal function, prevent sudden gastrointestinal disease that affects the state exam candidates.

Fourth, the coarse grains exam students should staple coarse grains mainly they are rich in B vitamins, can increase appetite, to ensure balanced nutritional intake; while coarse grains glycemic coefficient slow physiological state exam candidates prone to fluctuations, coarse grains can stabilize blood sugar levels of the exam candidates. from now on, candidates can eat oats, buckwheat, corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes.

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Traditional Chinese: 高考前吃4種食物 提高記憶力好幫手

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