Nearby Disney Shanghai International Tourism Resort area tours lavender bloom is about to start

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Caption: Shanghai International Tourism Resort in the flourishing herb garden square, contests.

Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Hu Yan Xun photo

[Xinmin Evening News Latest News] like being in the drama being, it would seem to Provence ...... May 23, Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter saw in the herb garden, 200 000 lavender blooms quietly, has formed a whole piece lavender flowers. It is reported that the entire tour lavender bloom from May 26 began, to July 16 ended a period of nearly two months.

With the May 26 opening of lavender bloom Rewards, Shanghai International Tourism Resort herb garden and the ecological park will be formally opened two parks located in the core area of Shanghai International Tourism Resort, near Disney Parks and Xing Yuan Yi Ou Shopping village to Shanghai, from Shanghai Disneyland is only 15 minutes' walk away from them, the ecological park covers an area of 700,000 square meters, while retaining the original Chuansha area ecological greenbelt resources, to create a new green landscape, the introduction of a number of leisure and entertainment facility, is located in the resort area offers visitors an escape and return to the pristine green leisure space and ecological park all the way across the herb garden, it is a long and narrow planting theme park, currently has the largest acreage of Shanghai lavender fields within Hanada lavender planted nearly 200,000, more 520 kinds, nearly ten thousand roses 'rose garden' mosaic, kilometers shuttle flowers Begonia flowers gallery, in addition to 'Popular science herb garden,' 'colorful flower fields ',' mold lines gardening 'and many other attractions. It is reported that during the whole blooming lavender tours, night events will be held on weekends in vanilla park, visitors have the opportunity to wander in the landscape lighting layout, like the stars of Begonia flower Gallery, experience the different garden experience.

Caption: lavender vanilla oil extraction and other main activities are very interesting experience.

Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Hu Yan Xun photo

In today's event, the zoo specially in the herb garden plaza and the park arranged a series of lavender themed experience activities, including various types of lavender vanilla flagship oil extraction, oil soap making, dessert baking and other activities intended to guests and visitors to the popularity of lavender versatility and value. in addition, in a large park scarecrow vanilla 'Ah Seng and Adi', because of its lovely chic image to attract many tourists stop to take pictures.

Caption: Scarecrow in a large park vanilla 'Ah Seng and Adi.'

Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Hu Yan Xun photo

Caption: Shanghai's largest acreage in the lavender fields

Herb Garden ~ waiting for you to enjoy.

Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Hu Yan Xun photo


Shanghai International Tourism Resort Eco Park, herb garden near Metro Line 11 Disneyland Resort Station No. 3, about 5 minutes walk from the station up to two parks.

Herb garden tours during the flowering season fares 80 yuan, 60 yuan in peacetime, concerned Shanghai International Tourism Resort Eco Park micro-channel public number is $ 50. (Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Hu Yan Xun) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 毗鄰迪士尼 上海國際旅遊度假區內薰衣草賞花季即將啟動

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