Damage to health "worst partner" What?

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Some bad habits are linked to each other, once together, and hurt not only doubled, changing it also makes people miserable. Let's take a look at the life of these health-damaging 'worst partner' what.

So that it becomes difficult to quit drinking

Poland, a new study shows that alcohol-dependent people will rapidly metabolized in vivo nicotine, people will be more eager to smoke again, and this may make quitting harder. Alcoholism causes paralysis of central nervous system depression, caused by alcohol poisoning and will produce more than 300 kinds of harmful chemical substances during the combustion of tobacco, including a variety of carcinogens. the two together, the power of far more than mere drinking and smoking.

Group 4 'partner' to accelerate damage to the body

1. eat spicy and salty. Human taste buds habitual, people taste heavy, relatively low sensitivity to the taste buds, naturally eat more spicy, more salty. Excessively stimulate appetite, lead to excessive eating, so lead to obesity and the 'three high' and other issues.

2. sweet tooth and eat greasy flavor rich, sweet taste of sweets, often need to add a large amount of oil and sugar, such as food preferences will lead to excess body heat, obesity, chronic disease will follow.

3. lie and lack of exercise. Studies have shown that sleeping too much will make the body become 'drowsy', resulting in spiritual malaise. Will reduce the rate of metabolism, affecting the accumulation of body waste discharged is less movement will increasingly fitness worse, it is more likely to be eyeing the disease.

4. 'home' and irregular meals. 'House' the most common problem is uncertain meals, do not eat hungry, hungry to eat instant noodles, snacks. Over time, prone to malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, etc. symptom.

4 'prescription' to help you get rid of bad habits

To resist more than a bad habit 'combined' invasion, in addition to be reasonable diet, regular exercise, mental balance in everyday life outside, try the following suggestions:

1. First quit alcohol limit. Quit smoking process, the most painful is not help, 'relapse' and alcohol addiction can not afford is to let you get rid of the 'culprit.' Therefore, you must want to quit alcohol limit. At the same time, addiction to when hit, you can take a deep breath 10 times, a cup of tea, chewing gum, to find someone to chat and so on.

2. Graded change flavors. Less salt, less spicy is a process, research shows that generally adhere to four weeks, the taste will gradually become lighter. In addition, the cook at home more vinegar, mustard, onion, ginger, garlic, onions and other spices add flavor, less or no MSG, soy sauce, pepper and other spices, to reduce the amount of salt.

3. Get some dietary alternatives when want to eat sweets, may wish to use fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc. instead, both satiety, but also to replenish the nutrients the body needs every day.

4. Do not always sleep late. Generally, 7 to 8 hours sleep per day is appropriate. If you always feel not enough sleep, sleep time should not be changed, but the sleep cycle, try every night to go to bed early. Or at bedtime a cup of milk, warm feet and so on.

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Traditional Chinese: 損害健康的“最差搭檔”有哪些?

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