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Lead: Netease game in the first half as the heavyweight event, 'give you special' Netease game 2016 annual conference concluded successfully in Guangzhou May 20 press conference the same day, NetEase's first real sailing adventure MMO hand tour << Great Voyage. >> Road, carrying the game warm-up version of the creative video interview stunning debut, became the venue one of the highlights! Among the video, not only the first time exposure of the game screen exquisite and naval, adventure, trade and other rich gameplay, deep feelings of sailing, but also allows players to channel the upcoming Uncharted Waters << >> look forward to endless.

Official website

Netease's first real sailing adventure MMO Uncharted Waters hand tour << Road >>

Feelings sail again creative video interview first exposure

Like navigators conquered the sea, numerous game enthusiasts, one of the dream of players in mind. All the longing and the TV drama a player like blue sea, road >> << great voyages hand travel a congregation also have their own creative game Maritime feelings as 520 conference the same day, another dedicated to special benefits all players, preheat >> << great voyages way withheld record video interviews, also for the first time and the players share the game creation, 'the story behind.'

Feelings sail again

Said a man's romantic sailing in the warm-up version of the game all the creative video interview with them, including the road >> << Great Voyage game producer, the main US, Drama creative designers, including many games, also for the first time reveal the truth, to tell the player to the creation of the road >> << great voyages of the mind, the game design process some thoughts, and those rooted in their hearts a wait bloom nautical dream speech among all showing for the game patch of unknown waters love and feelings, perhaps because there is such a group carries a nautical feeling creative game, >> << great voyages of the road in order to achieve the greatest degree of reduction of real sailing experience, arouse the hearts of players the best sailing Complex.

Fine screen gameplay innovation real sailing adventure experience

Fine screen gameplay innovation

In addition to considerable nautical feelings interview, >> << great voyages of the road in the warm-shock release withheld record video interview, it is also the first exposure for the players of the game in full 3D exquisite game screen, as well as exciting battle of the process. setting the vagaries of weather, sparkling water effects, the details of each ship deck nuanced presentation, as well as the sea battle which allows players to battle Xuemaibizhang effects, 3D games are free to rotate perspectives, large seamless map has been the greatest degree of highlight on.

The new real-time system naval battle shooting mode, restore the most authentic sailing experience, May 20, 'for special you' Netease game 2016 annual conference, the first time for the players broke the NetEase first full 3D real sailing adventure MMO hand tour >> << great voyages of the road by all the creative effort to build the game preheated withheld record video interviews, but also to all field players pleasantly surprised! Log in the game the first time to make an appointment to stop suspense game testing places. For more information about the game, please pay attention to the road >> << great voyages hand tour official website.

Uncharted Waters Road official website >>>

Uncharted Waters Road official micro letter: DHHZL163

Uncharted Waters Road official microblogging: @ great voyages Way

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