Three distribution breakthrough, or a little bit off the end of the pattern of micro electricity supplier

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Chan has announced the charges, not surprisingly attracted a slobber.

Already we said before, there is praise as a tool charge will only make their own dead.

Free tools, service charges

From a global perspective, tools are difficult to charge you with classified information, Facebook, search, the core of these huge amount of users the tools to build a powerful business model is the number of users, and then charged to businesses, such as Baidu's bid ranking, we morality aside, this model is very smooth, the user comes searching for his match ads to companies more money, more forward position. that is, the search, the use of more people, there will be more and more companies do PPC, internet income will be higher.

The logic is to praise, as a tool, without providing value-added services, even to an annual fee of 4,800 yuan towards enterprises. This logic ran illogical.

We look to praise the functionality provided, open to praise official website, you can see a significant sentence:. 'There are like business version, to help enterprises build their own mobile retail mall' this line of words but also with some explanation: for offline and online stores entity traditional electricity supplier, through self-built mall, providing customers with fans business, online interactive marketing, merchandising, online and offline open, open systems data and other services, is a powerful Internet-based business enterprise productivity tool.

First look to praise word explanation:?. 'To help enterprises build their own mobile retail mall' What does it mean that I Taobao sellers control mode, to praise function is to help companies do a mobile terminal system. Our sellers use the word system, did not use the word mall because the mall, which means a huge flow of people, such as Wanda Plaza offline. store line, originally called Taobao Mall, now called Lynx. Ali's ability to operate traffic now should be the first domestic electricity supplier, so the word mall, generally used with caution. there are like mobile mall, said it is quite exaggerated, just move the whole side of the flow is the same as praise. WeChat so powerful , are not believed to be a micro-mall.

So, I still have to do things like this, called a sellers system in Zambia has explained in the small print of the end, with the end of the five words: productivity tools.

Have to say, the white crow coinage ability ah! But just as there is praise said the same, after all, or tools. And as a tool in the service function and no difference in the premise, fully charge a dead end. For a merchant, there praised the functionality provided little more than passengers, micro League higher than it? how much higher? has a service? If not, why should businesses have to praise? 4800 also pay annual fee?

Tool is the foundation, bit off three distributors or end competition

The same tools, and there are Zambia, has little off on the basis of the tool, through the three-division sold to service providers ahead.

What are the three distributors it? Simply, is a partner system. First we look at the moving end of the circulation of commodities, and the difference is that the flow of different PC, mobile micro-electric commercial circulation mainly by social empowerment, the original commodity center now is people-centered. the more people you can sell more goods. this is the traditional retail model is very similar to the production of goods manufacturers, looking for qualified agents, then by the agents looking for distributors. these agents Suppliers which, through different qualifications and strength, into an agent, two agents and other retail terminals, all by agents to control.

Nature of the business are common. Everyone of the new shop, found the distribution needs of business, the increase in online investment functions, the first one is the partner system, the second is called crowdfunding system, called third Sentai system.

Partner, is well understood. For example, you are a manufacturer, you produced a mask, you can find for each of the provinces of your provincial partners. The partners can enjoy a discount purchase. Then, this mask in the province of all transactions, the partners receive a 10% commission, followed by team partner, if someone to be your team partner, all you transactions agent produced below, this person can enjoy commission. shareholders partner is the brand mask out a certain percentage of turnover, to give him the distributors, if this mask on the new three-panel, distributors are also shareholders.

Such a distribution system design, we can say little off the mess micro electricity supplier through the system again to re-strengthen the Good distribution and incentive, will have good incentive effects. Like when there was still time to fares, with little customer has three distribution for all stores, the first to enter the new competition to enter the era of innovation system. in addition to three distribution system innovation, the next step will be to strengthen all shops and services, such as media docking, large resources large coffee to share. with three marketing breakthrough, or a little bit off the end of the micro-electric business pattern. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 三級分銷突圍,點點客或終結微電商格局

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