Masterpiece "blunderbuss tomb" push hand travel edition June listing

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 261

Born in the PS2 platform game classic gun Gungrave << >> Tomb shot push upstream version, developed by the IGGYMOB, gameplay is third-person mode. Hand tour will be selling hot fierce battle scenes, but it used to cool the main tone. at this year's Korean PlayX4 game show, << >> pistol tomb developer announced the launch of the mobile platform game sequel to the shelves, and will be around June this year.

It is reported that mobile games are played consistent with the PS2 platform, it will be the third-person mode. Silver gun, black dress, and that only a few wipe just the warm muzzle flames and back to bear the cross and wound Chung out of the blood. obviously society, but many places are an ancient furnishings months ahead, the beginning of the game such as the enemy's bar, there is the Chinatown station after the old radio and sad DR.T table within the radio broadcast melody and so on.

In short, if you are a PS2 version << >> tomb gun fan, be sure not to miss the hand travel edition.

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Traditional Chinese: 名作《銃墓》將推手遊版 今年六月上市

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