Zhejiang ATC tower control room to enable the new Traffic Management FMP seats

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Civil Aviation of China Netcom correspondent Wu Ke Jia reports: May 23, 2015 morning, the Zhejiang Branch of air traffic control tower control room the new FMP traffic management seats system after (hereinafter referred to as the new system officially launched use, into the test transition operational phase of the new system on-line, traffic seats more intuitive query in the region, the East China region and the country flights within the region will be more intuitive and dynamic operation of the flight traffic control, reduce and simplify complex coordination that dramatically improves the efficiency of traffic seats.

In order to better promote the use of the new system on-line, tower control room made a number of preliminary preparations. April 22, deputy director of the tower as well as traffic management equipment Renyu Jiang Gan seats controllers to Shanghai where the flow chamber and center on the device travel training new system to learn, and then develop appropriate training programs, transition programs and emergency security measures during the tower control room actively cooperate with the Shanghai relevant departments, technical insurance department and other new systems were installed and tested. May 20, the control tower room crew for a three-day training in the new system terminal and the theory and practice assessment, designed to interface and use of the familiar with the new system. while providing operational manuals and documentation for controllers ready reference and learning in the workplace.

G20 summit soon, followed Shuyun peak, the rapid growth of the amount of flights will become the air traffic control safety and security challenges. The new on-line system to reduce and streamline the work flow management and coordination seats through a more intuitive operation monitoring traffic, flight dynamic query greatly enhance the work efficiency, safety and security of air traffic control - add a high-strength indispensable power!

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Traditional Chinese: 浙江空管塔臺管制室啟用新版FMP流量管理席

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